May 30, 2006

a new start

I was introduced to food blogs a few months ago and have been a regular visitor to many sites now. One blog I go back to regularly is Mahanandi. The author has beautiful pictures, great recipes and a wonderful writing style. Sometimes, I go back to her site multiple times a day to check her postings, to reread the old ones.

When she announced Jihva for Mangoes about two months ago, I was excited, even wanted to contribute a recipe, but I hesitated... I didn't have a blog! And if I did create one, would I be able to keep up with it? So I remained on the fringes, read the responses, saw the pictures and read the recipes.

Then Jihva for strawberries came along. And I decided to give it a try - to blogging that is. So here I am in the online space...

I am as curious as you are about how this space will unfold, but I am also excited about having my own blog. Here's to a new start!


  1. Thanks Mandira for your kind words about me and my blog. I greatly appreciate it.

    It's not too late to participate in JFI-Mango. it would be my great pleasure to include your entry. The page that I created with all the JFI-Mango entries is still receiving lots of hits and page visits from all around the world. If you would like participate, please post a recipe(or short essay) with mango, send me via email, the link and the photo of your entry. I will include it in my roundup.

    Thanks again for your nice words and for your interest in JFI-mango event, Mandira.

  2. Indira:
    Thank you. It's wonderful to see you on my blog.
    I would love to contribute a recipe to JFI Mango - Mahanandi is such a treasure.
    I will send you a recipe soon.
    Do keep visiting.

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