June 10, 2006

Best One Dollar Spent

I recently went to an annual rummage sale at a local church. And like I do everytime, I didn't buy anything I was looking for. Instead, came back with things I found and liked at the sale.

My favorites are a couple of old original paintings I got for .75 cents and a hand-painted 'Kutani' tea-bag plate for .25 cents.My best use of 1 dollar for this year!


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    this tea-bag plate is beautiful!! and a steal..looking forward to seeing it in person..

  2. thanks Durga
    I like this tiny plate and may not end up using it as a tea-bag plate. :-)

  3. Anonymous5:47 PM

    This indeed is some SUPER BUY!!!When you have good taste, u sure will know how to make the most of a single dollar.

  4. Thanks Archana for your kind words. I feel I am turning into a garage sale junkie! Soon, I'll have to have one of my own. :-)
    Thanks for visiting and do come often.


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