July 09, 2006

Chai & Weekend of Sports

Soccer World Cup and Wimbledon were big events at home. We were allowed to stay up late night to watch the matches. And as we grew up, it took a festive overtone. We would make expresso Nescafe (close to cappucino here) and get pineapple pastries for late night matches.

It was Wimbledon and World Cup finals this weekend. I couldn't ask for anything more. We enjoyed tennis in the morning with a hot cup of chai and cooled in the afternoon with iced tea as Italy won its fourth World Cup finals. Fun stuff!


  1. Simply dur danto !! Phataphati !!!

  2. monddera of kolkata12:06 PM

    daroon byapaar ! !

  3. hai, a day like this comes once in four years... you know what I mean. :)


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