July 01, 2006

JFI-Dal Makhani

I have a confession. JFI - Dal snuck up on me. Before I knew, it was the end of the month. My choice for Sailu's JFI-Dal event is Dal Makhani or Maa ki Dal.

The best dal makhani I have had are in roadside dhabas. Stopping in v
arious dhabas while travelling or sometimes going to the nearest dhaba for a meal, I have had some great versions of the dish.

In my recipe, I omitted out the malai (cream) and butter and used yogurt instead. You can also use a combination of cream and yogurt. Also it's best is if you soak the dal overnight. I had time to soak it for a couple of hours and had to pressure cook it longer. Here goes my recipe.

1 cup whole urad dal (urad)
1tbsp red kidney beans (rajma)
1 onion - finely chopped
1 tomato - finely chopped
1 cube ginger - chopped or paste
2 garlic cloves - chopped or paste
2-3 green chilies - chopped
1/2 cup yogurt - whipped
1 tspoon cumin seeds
1/2 tspoon turmeric powder
1/2 tspoon garam masala
1/2 tspoon red chili powder
1/2tsp dhania powder
1tspoon butter
1 tspoon oil
cilantro to garnish
salt to taste


  • Soak urad dal and rajma in warm water overnight. I soaked for a couple of hours hence, more time for pressure cooking.
  • Add water & little salt and pressure-cook till soft – I did about 5-6 whistles.
  • Mash it, add yogurt and cook for another 10 –15 minutes. Cream can also added.
  • In a wok or pan, heat oil and temper with cumin seeds. Add garlic paste, fry till golden brown. Add onions and fry till they start turning brown.
  • Add ginger, green chillies, tomatoes and sauté till tomatoes soften.
  • Add powder masala and mix it all together.
  • Add the dal and stir on a medium flame. Once it starts boiling, add garam masala and remove from the flame.
  • Garnish with fresh cilantro, green chillis and a blob of butter.
  • Serve with parathas, naan or rice.


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    That looks good.

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    ami kintu baap of shukto ranna
    jfi-dal makhni mane ki baba?

  3. Pushpha
    Thank you for visiting. I have a friend visiting and I made it specially for her.

    Puro post podle bhujte parbe JFI ki... eta ekta food blogging event jekhane sabai ekta theme niye ranna kore. Linke click korle tumi sabar ranna dekhte parbe.
    Looking forward to your shukto ;)

  4. Anonymous1:24 AM

    That is a delicious looking dal makhani, Mandira. Its dal makhani times in the food blogosphere..:))
    Good entry and thanks for your participation and see you at the round up.

  5. Sailaja
    I am so thrilled to see you here. Thank you for visiting and for hosting a great event. Can't wait for the round up for JFI-Dal.

  6. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Dal makhani is one dish that I have never prepared at home. Now, thanks to JFI-Dals, I have bookmarked several recipes to try and your version looks fabulous!
    Thanks Mandira for sharing.

  7. Indira:
    Thank you for visiting. Dal Makhani is not a dish I make very often either, but decided to try something festive for JFI.
    It's a wonderful blog event that you've started and it's great to be a part of it.
    Do keep visiting,

  8. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Hey Mandira,

    Dal makhni is truly unmatched in taste compared to all other dals. A sinfully irresistible delight for those unmindful of calorie intake! Kudos to you for selecting it as your JFI entry! It is indeed one of my all time favourites!
    I agree with your opinion of being able to sample the best of dishes at roadside joints. Molagga bajji in Tamil Nadu, chat items in Mumbai and roasted corn with spice and lime are best available at local roadside shops!
    I also like your subtitle - pleasure and sustenance. it tickles the mind into some creative thinking since the two terms are usually not found together. Pleasure is ephemeral. Really interesting.
    Meenakshi at PRITYA

  9. Hi Meenakshi - welcome to ahaar. My best dal makhanis still remain the ones from dhabas. I believe a good meal provides sustenance and also pleasures the taste buds and mind. For me, they are inseparable from food. Do keep visiting.

  10. Hi Mandira. Thanks for the great recipe - I crave dhaba-style dal makhani so much! I just started s desi food blog myself - picklesandpuddings.blogspot. Please have a look and let me know what you think - it really looks like you are an expert!


    N Pal

  11. THANKS FOR THE RECIPE, I am gonna try this weekend

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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