August 27, 2006

Indian Food in China

An interesting story I came across in The Hindu's Sunday Magazine:

WHEN 25-year-old Munuswamy Gnanavelu landed in the Portuguese colony of Macao in 1977, he had little save 250 Hong Kong dollars in his pocket, a yen for Bruce Lee movies and a hearty appetite for adventure. In the years that followed, his multiple avatars included English teacher, sweater knitter, and manual labourer. Today, 29 years after he first left the aromatic environs of his parents' wholesale spice shop in Chennai, Antony Munuswamy (as he is now known), rules over a sprawling empire of 22 Indian restaurants in 10 different Chinese provinces. Indian Kitchen, as the restaurants are called, is possibly the most recognisable Indian brand in China.

More Here.


  1. It was great reading the story, Mandira. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Thanks Vaishali - I agree, it is a great read.


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