August 30, 2006

Tomato and Cayenne Pepper Chutney

I first tried gardening last year. But it was the end of summer and I managed to get a few grape tomatoes. That sparked my interest in growing some summer vegetables this year. Since I live in an apartment, I got several pots and seeds and started my little vegetable garden project. Then, Ginger and Mango announced the Green Blog Project.

I have carrots, cayenne peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and basil growing on my porch. Before I knew, I saw tiny flowers blooming which took the shape of round tomatoes and long peppers. And they are finally ready to be harvested! (If you can call it so :))

In the past few months, I have seen some beautiful pictures of home-grown vegetables and read delicious recipes. That gave me the patience to wait for my porch vegetables to grow and ripen.

I plucked a few tomatoes and a couple of green cayenne peppers. After thinking of what to make I decided on tomato and pepper chutney. It's simple and I can taste the the tanginess of the tomato and the kick from pepper in the chutney. Here is how I made it.

4-5 tomatoes
2 green cayenne peppers
1/4 tspoon red chilli powder
1/4 tspoon coriander powder
1/4 tspoon fresh ground black pepper
salt to taste

For Tempering
1 Curry Leaf
1/4 tspoon mustard seeds
1/4 tspoon fenugreek (methi) seeds
1 tspoon oil

Blanch the tomatoes. This is my first time trying it and it works! Heat some water and drop the tomatoes in the hot water for a minute.

Take them out and peel the skin. Mash the tomatoes into a pulp.
Cut the pepper into thin slices.
Heat a pan and pour the tomato and pepper mixture.
Once it starts boiling, add the red chilli, coriander and black pepper powder.

Cook it on low heat till the water disappears.
Heat the oil and temper with curry leaf, methi and mustard seeds.
Take it off the heat once the methi seeds turn golden brown and the mustard seeds stop crackling.
Add it to the tomato and pepper mix.
Mix it well and serve.

It goes well with parathas, idlis, dal and even as a spread for bread.
This is my entry for the Green Blog Project hosted by Inju Pennu at Ginger and Mango.
I plan on slow roasting my next batch of tomatoes. :)


  1. Hi Mandira,
    I am also trying my hand at gardening for the first time and it's a joy to see those seeds sprout! You recipe sounds simple and tasty...Will try it for sure...Thanks for sharing...

  2. Wonderful plants! Don't they give you so much joy? I have 'summer harvest' in my blog , very few looks at them!!
    Nice to to know you are interested in gardening :)Good recipe too!
    Thanks for sharing ,take look at my garden if you have time.

  3. sqrlnt2:48 PM

    This is actually my mom's recipe for tomato soup :D subtract the methi and add bay leaves, mixer me daalo and dilute with water :)

  4. hey
    I had been meaning to ask you whether you had started getting any mirchis but this answers my question.
    I think it's an outdoor plant and requires outside agents for pollination. My mirchi plant is abbout 1.5 ft and gets flowers but no
    the other plant is a little better spouted two new leaves in two months !! AC sucks!!

  5. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Hey Mandira
    You know what I think are the best entries? Entries from folks like you who do this wonderful job in a tiny porch in a cold place!!
    Loved your entry! Thanks a lot!

  6. shilpa5:37 PM

    I had seen those peppers in farmers market here. Didn't know what to make with them.Thanks for the recipe.

    BTW..the peppers and tomatos look great. you must be having a lovely garden. I live in an apartment where there is no place for gardening :(.

  7. Your plants look lovely. Chutney looks delicious.

  8. Mandira,
    I can see an avid gardener in you and your pictures are simply gorgeous. Love the colors.

  9. Chandrika - Thanks. I agree it's wonderful to see the seeds grow and then bear fruits. Being the first time, it's exciting for me.

    Foodie's Hope- Thank you. I will definitely drop by and look at your garden pictures. I'm sure they must be great.

    Sqrlnt - I'm sure it tastes delicious as soup too. The taste is simple and you get all the goodness of the tomato :)

    Durga - Hey, so sorry to hear that. Yes, my garden is in full bloom. Try opening the window for a few hours. See if that helps. Maybe these are the last of my harvest before the winter comes knocking.

    LG- Thanks so much. It's wonderful of you to drop by. Winter is round the corner and I'm already thinking of veggies for winter Green Blog Part -2.

    Thanks Shilpa- My porch isn't too big but I so have some flower and veggie plants. The peppers aren't very hot so it goes well in the chutney.

    Thanks Krithika

    Sailaja - My mom is an avid gardener and has planted and grown fruits and vegetables - everything from beans to papaya to grapes. I am just trying my hand for the first time. Thank you. The tomatoes and the pepper do look very colorful.

  10. Your home-grown produce looks great, Mandira. I am sure any preparation would taste great with those lovely veggies.

  11. Hi Mandira - this must be the freshest, tastiest tomato & pepper chutney, I wish I could taste some! I started growing things last year too but you're much ahead of me, I still scream (and run away) every time I find worms!

  12. Vaishali - Thanks. The chutney turned out great. I am already thinking of recipes with the other veggies.

    Thanks Keiko. I do most of my gardening in pots and have not seen many worms or I would be running too!

  13. Hi,I saw your comment on Nupurs blog today.i am surprised to see you grew such rich plants one your porch. Can you send me some info on how to grow tomato and the green pepper? ual specifically what kind of containers? and did you plant seeds or but the saplings?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hey there, Great job on the plantation!! Those fruits look so nice. I, just like the others am also in a condo and have been wanting to grow tomatoes, chillies, curry leaves & cilantro but have no clue how to go about it since it's the first time ever I'd be doing this. Can you please direct me on how to go about growing these produce? and what all will I need?

  16. Hi Supriya, Neha - I do most of my gardening in my porch in the summer and bring the pots in for the winter. I use different sizes of pots, smaller ones for herbs, mediums for chilli plants and basil and big ones for carrots, tomatoes etc.

    Check out this link, specifically the post in october for growing tips.

    I also recently did a post on porch planting. Hope this will be helpful to you.

    Once the tomato plant has grown and started flowering, you should consider support as they get heavy with tomatoes.

    I grew chillies from red chilli seeds. I just potted them and there were little chilli plants springing up in 10-12 days.


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