September 13, 2006

Meme & NYT Article

I have been tagged for the the first time (by Tony, thanks!), and as I was browsing around, thinking about my list, I came across this article in New York Times about diabetes in the Indian context. It caught my attention especially because I remember visiting bakeries for pastries and sweets o n a fairly regular basis.
In its hushed but unrelenting manner, Type 2 diabetes is engulfing India, swallowing up the legs and jewels of those comfortable enough to put on weight in a country better known for famine. Here, juxtaposed alongside the stick-thin poverty, the malaria and the AIDS, the number of diabetics now totals around 35 million, and counting.
More here. You can also join a discussion going on at Sepia Mutiny about this very article.

And now to the meme.

This meme started at Traveler's Lunch Box prompted me to think of all the dishes I have enjoyed over the years. So you can imagine my dilemma - coming up with just five is no easy task. I could probably count sveral more things to eat, enjoy and recommend, but here's my five.

1. Bhapa Ilish - This is a delicious Bengali fish recipe, I could eat any time, any place. Every time I go back to India, this is a must have for me. Ilish is steamed in banana leaves with mustard and posto paste and served with rice.

2. Thin crust Pizza at Emma's - Emma's Pizza was five minutes away from Aswin's place in Cambridge, MA and we have spent many evenings eating the thin crust pizza with a variety of toppings with a side of spinach salad. Whether there was snow outside, or the wait was long, nothing could keep us away. We have spent some happy times there and the pizza is crispy, and fragrant with fresh ingredients.

3. Spicy Tuna Roll (Sushi) - As much as I like fish, I have always felt a little uncomfortable about trying sushi. But once I tried the Spicy Tuna roll, I couldn't stop eating it. I will recommend it to any foodie.

4. Tomato Rasam and Potato Bhaji - I always overeat whenever we have tomato rasam and potato bhaji. The rasam is spicy and tangy, and the potatoes crispy and light. A must try.

5. Bengali Sweets - It won't be complete without sweets, whether it is rasgulla, rasmalai, darbesh, or labang latika. There are specialities from towns and towns of Bengal. More here. My rasmalai recipe here.

I would like to tag:
Vaishali @ Happy Burp
Archana @ Spicyana
sqrlnt@ Blogita


  1. Oww... I miss Bhapa Ilish too... and patori... yumm

  2. Mandira,
    It was great to read your list. I enjoyed writing mine too. Btw, my post is up, in case you want to check it out. Thanks for tagging me.
    One question: How did you get that picture in the post? I tried a few times, but did not succeed. Maybe you could help?

  3. Tony- thanks for tagging me. It was fun to reminiscence about food and old times. I miss fish and fish curries.

    Vaishali- thanks for playing playing. It was fun reading your list. About the pic, try right clicking on the picture on my post and saving a copy on your computer. You can then upload it through blogspot. I hope this helps!

  4. Mandira, agree with you said about think crust pizza and tuna roll! And the tomato rasam and potato bhaji sound wonderful! If in the future you have any chance to make this dish, please let me know... my mouth is watering now!

  5. Hi Mandira!Nice to read your thoughts and your fav.s food!! Thank God there are some Indian dishes there you like!! Not just some exotic European dishes!!
    Enjoy!!Thanks Mandira and have a great weekend!!

  6. shilpa5:27 PM

    Lovely post Mandira. Loved reading it.

  7. Wonderful list! Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Aaah yes, mishti features in mine too. You can't really forget the taste if you have had them can you??!

  9. Gattina - thanks. I just posted a new rasam recipe, check it out. It should satisfy your craving.

    Foodie's Hope - mine is a mix of food I enjoy. Ask me after 5 years, I'm sure my list would change!

    Shilpa & Paz - Thank you. I had fun sharing the list.

    Ashwini - I totally agree. One can never have enough of mishti!


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