September 28, 2006

My Summer Garden

The summer is nearing an end, the days are getting shorter, evenings cooler. Some days are sunny with beautiful sunsets, some days are windy, and some are gray and rainy. The last few days I have been bringing my pots inside the house, hoping they will survive a little longer.

Here are a few pictures from my porch pot garden that we enjoyed this summer.


  1. Hi.. Nice Blog.. I had also started a blog and looking for some good blogs, so that I can provide some good links to Indian food blogs....

  2. Beautiful pics!! Last crop I think this summer!! My plants are breathing their last!! :( Enjoy!!

  3. Lovely pictures, Mandira!

    If you have pictures of flowers, then please consider participating in The Flower Fest - A-Z of Flowers. :-)

  4. Hi Mandira, I enjoyed the photos too. I remember those lake effect snows in winter up there -- good to bring the summer in when you can :)

  5. MAndira, what is that flower?geranium? why don't u post it as part of the flower fest?

  6. Mandira,
    You have a wonderful blog. Thanks so much for the NYT article on Diabetes - it was such an eye-opener.

    Best wishes.

  7. You grew these tomatoes in New York!? That's amazing. I'm in Toronto, (pretty much the same weather), and I'm dying to grow my own vegetables, but I don't even know where to start (I've never grown anything). But I just know that these tomatoes have so much more taste than the supermarket kind.

  8. Thanks Abha. Have fun blogging.

    Asha - I know, the leaves are turning color and days are getting shorter. It's time to bring those plants inside!

    Manisha - Thank you. I will definitely participate. What a wonderful idea!

    Linda - Lake effect snow... i encountered them for the first time 2 years ago... when I first moved to Buffalo. I wish summer would last a tad longer :)

    Shaheen - Thanks, this plant is called Daybreak Orange. An apt name, won't you say?

    Faffer - Thanks. The Diabetes article was an eye-opener for me too.

    Vasilisa - Toronto, I was there two weeks ago! Home tomatoes do taste wonderful. All you need is a pot, soil and seedlings. Start in May and you will have tomatoes ready to pick by July. Do give it a try next year.


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