September 04, 2006

Travel & Almond Barfi

The last few days whizzed by. We had family over and then we all traveled to Montreal to visit relatives. Like any other gathering, we cooked, talked, ate and then cooked some more. Among other things, I had some wonderful almond barfi. The ingredients for this are just almonds, sugar and one tspoon of ghee. It is cooked on low heat and it all binds together with the natural oil of the almonds and milk. Here's my aunt's recipe.

2 cups of almonds
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup milk (you can use even skim milk)
1 tspoon cardamom powder
1 tspoon ghee
few strands of saffron

Soak the almonds, remove skin and dry the almonds. Then grind coarsely.

Heat a thick bottomed pan and pour the milk. Once it starts boiling add the sugar and the almond mixture.

Add the cardamom powder and saffron. Cook on low heat with constant stirring for 25-30 minutes.

Wait until the mixture separates from the vessel and the consistency is like wet dough. Take it off the heat before it becomes too dry.
Spread 1 tspoon ghee on a sheet of aluminium foil and roll the mixture flat using a rolling pin.
Cut it into shapes of your choice and let it cool.

This is my entry to JFI-Milk, hosted by Vineela.


  1. Hi Mandira,
    Delicious burfi.Thanks for participating in JFI.
    Hope you enjoyed a lot with your family.

  2. Wow!!! Looks delicious.

  3. Mandira, My Mom makes it exactly the same way,though I have not tried. Your recipe tempts me to do..

  4. shilpa8:47 AM

    Your burfis look great. Looking at the first picture, I am feeling homesick now :(.

  5. sqrlnt9:09 AM

    I can feel my arteries clogging...thats always the sign of gr8 food right?;)

  6. Hi Vineela - Thanks for including my post for JFI-Milk. Can't wait to see the roundup.

    Jayshree- Do give it a try. It tastes delicious.

    Hi Shilpa- It was great to spend some time with family and relatives, eat good food and chat about nothing in particular.

    sqrlnt- arteries clogging? This has all the goodness of almonds and sugar ;)

  7. Almond Barfi looks great, Mandira. I must try it out soon.

  8. Thanks Vaishali. Do let me know how it turns out. We finished all the barfi today. Doesn't last long!

  9. I am going to include this in my must try seet things list. Thank you for the recipe.

  10. Hi Archana- thanks for visiting. I have also visited your wonderful blog and tried to leave comment on your onam spread, but the beta version is not talking to the blogger version anymore. :( Hopefully, they will be able to resolve this soon.

  11. Mandira,
    Your blog is so beautiful! My gosh, my love at the first sight with this barfi!!! Definitely give it a try... think the price of nuts should go down a big in the fall (?)

  12. Thanks guys for the comments.

    My frined in Montreal, never believed that one can make burfi without butter and ghee. She now follows my recipe for her catering in Montreal.

  13. Gattina - Thanks for your wonderful comments. I couldn't resist making it.

    Jeeja Kaki - Thanks for visiting my blog. Looking forward to my next visit and learning some more of your wonderful recipes!

  14. Thanks so much for this great post.. I made this 2 days back.. came out so well.. this is one of my deewali sweets :).. and btw.. i found peeled and diced almonds in indian stores.. so it made the process even simpler..

    thanks again :)

  15. this almond burfi looks great, mandira. i love this stuff!

    you were in my town for your family gathering :D hope you had a good time; sounds like you did.

  16. Anitha - thank you. I'm glad it turned out well. It's one of my favorites too. It's usually gone in a couple of days.

    Burekaboy - you're from montreal? It's a beautiful city. We had a lot of fun there. Will certainly look you up when I visit next. Do try the Almond barfi when you get a chance.

  17. Hi Mandira! It's good that even after staying abroad you are in touch with your roots and our regional cuisine. :) Thanks for spreading love through your recipes! :)


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