October 19, 2006

Diwali Treats - Shakkarpare

When Vee announced the JFI - Diwali treat, it got me thinking. I went down my memory lane to remember what is that one thing that I always had for diwali, no matter where I was. And it turned out to be shakkarpare or gujia, sometimes both.

My mom makes them for diwali and holi along with sandesh and sometimes gulab jamun and we exchange it with everyone in the neighborhood. This diwali, I decided to share some of my mom's magic. Here is her shakkarpare recipe. It is a really simple recipe, and my diwali is never complete till I pop them in my mouth and feel the sugar, ghee and the diwali goodness :)


1 cup all purpose flour (maida)

1 stick butter 0r ghee

2/3 cup sugar

2-3 cardamoms

1/4 tspoon nigella seeds

1 1/2 cup water

Oil for deep frying


Knead the dough with ghee and nigella seeds. I used unsweetened butter.

Keep it aside for a couple of hours.

In the meantime, prepare your sugar syrup. Heat a wok with water and sugar on low heat. When it starts boiling add in the cardamom powder. My mom used to tell me to make the consistency - do taar (two strings). I never understood it till I made it. Once the syrup starts boiling and becomes relatively thick do this test. Take a drop of syrup and put it on your thumb. Stick your fore finger on the syrup and test the thickness. You should see the syrup make two strings. At that point, take it off the heat.

Divide the dough in medium balls and roll them out like chapati without using any dry flour.

Cut it into squares. First cut the chapati horizontally making medium strips and then vertically.

Heat the rest of the ghee and olive oil in a thick bottomed vessel. Once it is hot, put in the squares in and deep fry till they turn golden - not too brown, just golden.

Take it out and dung them in the sugar syrup.

Take the shakkarpare out and store in airtight container.

This is my entry for Jihva - Special edition being hosted by Vee at Past, Present and Me



  1. Hi Mandira,
    I love Gujia or Gaja as we say in Bengali.If only we could teleport.
    Only today I was telling one of my colleagues how after Bijoya Dashami
    we would visit neighbours and relatives and get to eat nice things.
    What is nigella seeds ?
    Enjoy your Diwali

  2. Very delicious and easy dessert, I agree for Diwali!! Have good one ,Mandira!! Eat!!:)))

  3. Easy and yummy, Mandira! Have a very Happy Diwali! :-)

  4. nice recipe..one of my panjabi friend was mentioning about gujiya..when I asked she was anable to give correct picture..thanks for sharing.Happy diwali to u and your family:-))

  5. I normally make these for diwali, insteading of dunking them in sugar syrup, I sprinkle powdered sugar with elaichi powdered in it. This year decided to do something different. Yours look great. Happy Diwali to you and your family

  6. Looks good!!.. I have always heard of gujjiya and had no idea what they were. Now, I know!!!

    Thank you for participating and have a very Happy Diwali!!!

  7. Hi Mandira,ShakkerPara does looks so delecious wish I could taste it instead of typing the words here.... and thanks for sharing the recipe with us, enjoy your Diwali with your loved ones, again Happy Diwali !!

  8. Happy Diwali Mandira. This recipe sounds easy and interesting. Thank you. Hope you will share your mother's sondesh recipe with us sometime.

  9. Happy Diwali Mandira!

  10. Happy Diwali. This looks yummy!

  11. Happy Diwali Mandira. Long time not prepared any shakkarpara. This is inspiring.

    Here is my personal invitation to you to participate at VCC Q3 2006. See you at the show. Cheers!

    My Dhaba

  12. Mandira, a very Happy Diwali to you and your family! Stay warm!

    Do you know where Inji of GBP fame is? I can't find her blog and emails bounce back with permanent delivery failure. I'm beginning to worry but I'm hoping there's a simple explanation for this.

  13. Hi Mandira,

    Happy and Shubha Deepavali to you and your family!

    The Deewali treats look mouthwatering and thanks for participating in Jihva.

  14. hey mandira,
    happy diwali...I am glad that I found a very nice recipe and a wonderful blog out here. I love desserts and trying to control it now as the cholesterol begins to rule us! But I make desserts sometimes when I see some tempting recipes. Hey mandira. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. Sandeepa - Thanks. Gaja was a regular at our house. Being away from Kolkata, we never visited relatives for Bijoya, though it would have been fun! Nigella seeds are kalo jeere or onion seeds, as they are called sometimes. Happy diwali!

    Asha - thanks, food is always a big part of any indian festival. Hope you had fun.

    Thanks Meena. Hope you had a wonderful diwali celebration.

    Chandrika - Happy diwali to you and your family. Hope it was fun!

    Shankari- that sounds interesting. I have always seen my mom do the sugar coating from the outside. Next time, i'll try mixing the sugar in the dough. Happy diwali to you too.

    Thanks Vee - the round up looks so good. I have my christmas and thanksgiving desserts lined up :)

    Thanks Mantu - I hope you had a wonderful diwali with your family.

    Happy diwali to you too Archana. I will post my mom's sondesh recipe soon...

    Ashwini, Mystic - Thanks. Hope your diwali was wonderful too.

    Thanks VKN and welcome to ahaar. Do give it a try. :) I will definitely try to participate in VCC Q 3. Thank you for the invitation.

    Thanks Manisha - Hope you had a wonderful diwali celebration. The power and heat is back on :) I am wondering about Inji Pennu too...haven't heard from her. WHERE ARE YOU INJI?

    Indira - Hope yoour diwali was fun :) Jihva is a great idea and such a variety to choose from.

    Maneka - welcome to ahaar. I agree with you, I wish I could make a new dessert everyday from fellow blogger recipes :)

  16. I love to munch on shakkar pare....haven't ever made them myself, though. Might give it a try, now that I have your recipe. Thx.

  17. I miss the Diwali goodness of shakkarpare - though the recipe used in my home town of Pune is a bit different.
    Thanks for the nostalgic moments and Happy Diwali

  18. Mandira, they look just delicious! :)

  19. That sounds very easy and looks so yummy!

  20. Jayashree- Thanks. Do try and let me know how it turns out!

    Foodie jr. Welcome to ahaar, yes we can all remember the good times with food. Isn't that wonderful?

    Linda and RP - Thanks, it is easy to make and yummy treat for festivals!

  21. I tried to prepare this as printed in the latest Khabar, but it didn't work. I think the recipe must require water in the dough. When I added the butter/flour mixture to the hot ghee, the butter just melted and the flour was left. Can you clarify the dough instructions, please? Thanks. Oh, and nigella sees are black cumin...

  22. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Hello Mandira, nice recipe.
    By the way, Kalo Jeera and Onion seeds are 2 different things. Kalo or Kala Jeera does look like cumin but it is thinner and more curvy and darker seed. The Onion seed is fatter and smaller. Both have completely different taste.


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