October 07, 2006

Punjabi Aloo

This is a simple, easy to make and absolutely delicious aloo recipe. The potatoes get their flavor from the three ingredients - tomatoes, fennel seeds and kala jeera (nigella seeds). I first had it at my sister-in-law's place in Chicago and have been making it ever since.

Without further ado, here is the recipe.

6 medium red potatoes
4 medium tomatoes - sliced
1 tspoon fennel seeds
1 tspoon kala jeera
2 red chillis
1 cube ginger - grated
1/2 tspoon turmeric
1/2 tspoon red chilli powder
1/2 tspoon coriander powder
1 tspoon oil
salt to taste
cilantro sprig to garnish

Boil the potatoes and cut 4 in big pieces and the others in small pieces.
Heat oil in a pan and temper it with fennel seeds, nigella seeds, and red chillis.
Add the tomatoes and saute it for a few minutes.
Once the tomatoes turn soft add the potatoes.

Fry the potatoes well and add the turmeric, chilli powder and the coriander powder.
Mix it well together and let it simmer on low heat for 6-7 minutes.
Add salt and let it cook for a couple of minutes more.
Take it off the heat and garnish with chopped cilantro.

It goes well with paratha and simple jeera pulao.


  1. Iam a big fan of no hassle, quick and great tasting recipes....this sure does sound like one.

  2. Hi Mandira -- this is really tempting -- definitely on the try-soon list. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. hmmm....mouthwatering!
    Thx for sharing Mandira.

  4. I love punjabi food as you know!:)Looks delicious,Mandira!YUM!! and simple too! Thanks!!

  5. Jayshree- me too. I like that this is quick to make and super delicious.

    Linda- Thanks do try and let me know how it turns out.

    Thanks Bhargavi.

    Asha - Thanks. I like the punjabi recipes too... i'm sure you'll enojy punjabi aloo :)

  6. I saw this recipe in the aftn and decided to try it out for dinner - we have rotis every night with some subzi. I love fennel so couldn't wait to try this...and it turned out so yum! Thanks for sharing this easy recipe. I pressure cooked the potatoes while tomatoes were being cut and cooked. And just added it to the potatoes and it was done. And the gravy - fennel mixed in with vine ripened tomatoes was so tasty...this will be regular feature from now on at our place! :)

  7. Noon: Thanks. I'm glad you tried it out. I love the unique taste of fennel seeds and tomatoes in the potatoes too. It tastes better the next day :)

  8. cool

  9. This is such a lovely easy recipe. I am also a fan of super quick Indian food.

    Please keep them coming...

  10. Thanks Mallika. It is a quick easy recipe and everybody always like it.

  11. I love punjabi food.Iam a big fan of no hassle, quick and great tasting recipes....
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