October 16, 2006

Snow in October!

While returning home on Thursday night, I couldn't have imagined that I was driving in the midst of a major snow storm. Thursday and Friday recorded highest snowfall (up to 30 inches in some areas) in Buffalo's 137 -year weather history.

Even the trees weren't ready for winter! The storm affected more than 80 percent of the trees in Buffalo and surrounding areas. Even my lone warrior is down from the thick, wet snow! The snow storm also also took out electricity for 400,000 residents (including ours). We spent our weekend at coffee shops, malls, and anywhere there was heat and electricity!

When I looked out of my window on Friday morning, the landscape looked like a page out of horror movie. Wires dangling, branches scattered around in the snow and the snap of trees as they cave in to the weight of the snow! Not to mention the constant lightening and the heavy snow fall.
Things started to look better on Saturday once the sun was out. If you look out of my window now, you probably won't be able to say that there was a snow storm.
As the city tries to come to terms with the damages and restore electricity and heat to the neighborhoods, one thing is clear. The parks and the neighborhoods will bear witness to the record snow for years to come!


  1. Hi Mandira
    I am a new blogger on the block :) Love your cooking and the nice pictures. Absolutely love your plants, since I love growing too. Looking forward to your winter gardening. I have some indoor plants which thrive during winter, no veggies though, but I have a tough time keeping my Tulsi plant alive during the winter months. When the heat is turned on, I even put up a humidifier for my plants :)
    Buffalo looks real bad, it's getting pretty cold here too.

    All the best blogging, cooking & growing...

  2. Pretty early bad snow indeed. Hope things are fine now at your end. Our place too broke the record temperature over the week end... getting colder & colder :(

  3. oh that is horrible. Stay home, stay warm, make a nice hot soup and read a book or watch TV

  4. Take care, Mandira. Buffalo is known for its winter storms. That lake effect snow is not to be taken lightly! Stay warm and hope your plants all survive the cold!

  5. Oh no! Winter is crashing in with a bang.. stay warm.

  6. WOW!!! I am already feeling cold looking at it hahaha.... wish I was in some place like this :) Its too warm over here in singapore :(

  7. Hi Mandira, I remember those lake effect snows too, living in Rochester NY. Was thinking of you when I heard about this storm. Glad to see you're safe and sound. Now's the time for some soup on the stove... :)

  8. Sandeepa - Thanks. Welcome to the world of food blogging. If you are hesitant about growing veggies, try growing herbs. My basil also gives me a tough time.

    Jayshree - stay warm. It's getting colder :)

    Shankari- thanks. Our power hasn't been retored as yet. But cooking is therapeutic :)

    Thanks Manisha - I have never been in a snow storm before. So this was an experience, I tell you. My plants are doing OK, a little sad, but OK.

    Thanks Shaheen.

    Rooma - I will easily trade places with you :) Singapore sounds good .

    Thank you Linda. This was a very localised storm in Buffalo and neighboring areas. I am safe and warm (most of the time).

    Thank you everybody for your concern. I am really touched :)

  9. sqrlnt11:05 AM

    you managed to blog :) good for you!!!

  10. Bummer!! We have 73F Coming tomorrow!!:))Take Care!!

  11. Saw the news on TV. hope all's well. Wanna come down to some gorgeous weather in Florida? I'll play host!

  12. Hi Mandira , You know this is my first comment to any food blog,I do visit your blog many times but felt so hesistant to post anything .But one thing I must admit that You have managed it so beautifully ,I really appreciate it, liked the recipe of Sukto and the pasta with Pesto ,Hopefully the snow is gone for good.Stay warm and yes enjoy whatever little or more nature has to offer sometimes....

  13. Hi,
    Everything OK now??? Take care.

  14. Sqrlnt - Sporadic blogging due to the power cuts, but some I did :)

    Asha - Thanks, the temp here is around 45-55, snow is melting and 73 sounds heavenly to me...

    Hema - that is so sweet, thank you. Will definitely look you up when I am in Florida next :)

    Mantu - welcome to ahaar and thank you for your thoughts. I hope you'll visit often and keep writing! This snow storm was quite unexpected.

    Menu Today - thank you for your concern. Things are getting better. I'm hoping we'll get electricity in a couple of days.

    Thank you everybody, I am so glad to be part of this wonderful community of food bloggers :)

  15. Oh my! That was real heavy snow! Glad to hear you are safe and sound. Looks like winter's going to be hard on us this time.

  16. Chanrika - yes, it was completely unexpected. With snow regularly figuring in the forecast, I am begining to wonder about a long winter ahead!


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