October 11, 2006

Winter Gardening

Fall is here and they are already talking about snow! What better way to prepare for the long winter stretch than with herbs and veggies fresh from your gardens and pots.

I have received several queries about what to grow over winter. Since it is the first time for me too, I have been doing a fair amount of reading and collecting information for winter veggie gardening. If it snows in your area, you will probably be doing container gardening, like me, indoors.

For indoor winter gardening you'll need:
Sunlight - place your pots next to the window where you will get most sunlight. The intensity of the sunlight decreases over winter, so the maximum exposure is the best bet.

Well-drained soil - Indoor plants use less water than the outdoor plants, so water them only when they need it.

Patience - yes, indoor plants grow slower than the outdoor plants. So abundant patience is needed! :)

The above picture is of my lone warrior - my cayenne pepper plants which are still flowering and giving me long green cayenne peppers! I hope to get get a few more mirchis before snow starts. All my other pots are indoors.

Winter veggies like lettuce, radish, carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, turnips etc - which take less space and give produce quickly are ideal choices. You can probably get one harvest in 6 weeks.

These are the onion plants I'm hoping will yield onions during the winter months.

Thyme, cilantro, mint, lavendar are some of the herbs which will continue to grow during the winter months. Lemon verbana, rosemary will also grow with a little more care and abundant sunlight.

Additional information
For additional information, you can read these articles. I found them very helpful. More here, here and here.

Buying seeds and herbs
You can find seeds in your local grocery store or in the local garening store. For buying seeds, herbs online here is a link. You can also buy them on Amazon.com.
I saw an interesting seed kit in Amazon which controls the temperature, water and promises herbs in six weeks!
I haven't used it so cannot verify the information.

Happy planting and growing!


  1. Hi Mandira, thanks for posting this helpful info for us northern folk. I'm going to try my hand at something indoors, I think. Have to be sure it's safe for kitties, so I have some extra research to do myself. Good luck with your indoor garden :)

  2. Thanks and I look forward to more tips from you. I am still hesitant about trying winter gardening. Last year my jasmine survived the hot drafts from the HVAC system, but vegetables is another story.

  3. Manidra that some good info there, hopefully I will be able t join in this time

  4. I'm going to bookmark it! Learn a lot of gardening tips from you, thanks!

  5. Great info!! I was wondering what the heck grows in winter!:D I will try growing some!! Thanks!!

  6. Good luck with the research Linda and looking forward to seeing posts about you indoor garden :)

    Shaheen, your jasmines survived the winter. That's awesome! If you are reluctant about growing veggies, start with herbs.

    Ashwini - good luck. I look forward to seeing your garden and recipes.

    Thanks Gattina, happy gardening!

    Asha, thanks. Have fun, it is a great feeling to see little plants grow and then produce veggies. They taste sweeter :)

  7. Thanks for the info, Mandira. I wanted to start indoor planting and your post is extremely helpful.

  8. Hi Mandira. Thanks for doing the research for us. It was quite informative.

  9. Thanks and I look forward to more tips from you.thanks for posting this helpful information.

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