November 13, 2006

"Feast": 14 essays on a world of food

Amitava Kumar has blogged about this and I'm sure many of you will find these essays on food a real treat. I wish the editors at Himal South Asian had thought about including an essay on how blogs have become a key site where desis are sharing their experiences with food, but this still is a neat collection. Here's what they have to say about the essays:

We cannot remember when we have had such a lot of fun preparing Himal as with this issue on food. We gave our contributors no guidelines; we simply let them loose into the world of Southasian cooking and eating...[A]nd what a smorgasbord of authorship we are presenting the reader with this issue – a Nepali journalist reviews an Islamabad eatery, a Dhaka dancer tastes Malabari cuisine, a Karachi-wali waxes eloquent on New Delhi chaat, and a Puerto Rican food scholar goes through plebeian fare to suggest the need for some high cuisine. Sure we have not covered every corner of Southasia, but then the intention is not to be encyclopaedic, but to provide a taste of what’s out there. Enjoy!


  1. Sounds like an assignment I'd love to do...imagine getting to eat all those different kinds of food.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out, Mandira -- I will enjoy reading :)

  3. Jayshree - Maybe they will do a blogger special soon!

    Linda- There are some good essays in there, enjoy.

  4. thanks for the link mandira.. eassays are something which i love reading and writing... keep blogging such interesting articles and webste links:)

  5. Great info, Mandira! I would enjoy reading that!!Thank and have a great Thanksgiving sweetie!:))

  6. Didn't know about Himal earlier..good info.
    Sorry couldn't leave a comment earlier, pressed of time lately :)
    More food recipes please ...

  7. Riya - I enjoy articles about food too and want to share them with fellow bloggers. Will keep posting. Have fun reading.

    Asha- Thanks. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Sandeepa - Himal is a magazine I enjoy reading. This issue is a keeper. Enjoy reading. I am plaaning my Thanksgiving menu. The recipes are coming up next week :)

  8. hi
    where do you get this magazine in the US
    you know ,whenever i search for cookbooks i look for writing related to food then the recipes because rarely do we try the recipes printed in the books , we make our own innovations but i love to get more knowledge about food.
    i think i will like this magazine pls let me know.

  9. Thanks for pointing me to this article, Mandira, it looks so interesting, I'm going to take a nice long look at it after I push the "publish" button on this comment. Have you read the book "Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors" by Lizzie Collingham? I have it here on my bookshelf and it looks great - it traces how curry went from India to all over the world and it has recipes, too!

  10. Mahek: I am not sure where you can find the magazine, I read it online. One place to look will be in University libraries.

    Lotus Reads - I liked the history and stories that are intertwined in the daily life through cooking, ingredients and taste. Thanks for pointing out Curry, I am going to amazon after I push the publish button :)


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