November 09, 2006

Midweek dinner - Lentil and veggie soup

Some weeks just fly by and this has been one of them. With deadlines and meetings, I have been craving comfort food. And when I saw that another cold front is coming our way, I decided to make one of the soups my mom makes every winter. It's simple, easy, healthy and delicious. There is very little dal cooked with vegetables for flavoring and for a good consistancy. You can substitute the dal with beans too.
Whenever, my mom makes this soup, she serves it with croutons, and we all enjoy it on a cold winter evening. Another of my favorite is her tomato soup.

1 bunch fresh spinach
3-4 medium tomatoes
5-6 medium carrots
1/2 medium onion
1/4 cup moong dal
1/4 tspoon turmeric
1/4 tspoon cumin seed powder
Salt to taste
Fresh ground pepper
Yogurt and cilantro leaf to garnish (optional)

Wash all vegetables and cut them in big pieces.
I pressure cooked the vegetables and moong dal with turmeric, cumin seed powder. You can even cook it slowly in a crockpot.
Puree it with salt and fresh ground pepper.
Garnish with a tspoon of yogurt and cilantro leaf.
It tastes best when served warm.


  1. Priya S&S9:22 PM

    This kinda of soup are great for a nice cold day and with all the lentils & veggies , definetely a filling & healthy one !

  2. Will definitely try this when i get there :)

  3. I really haven't tried my hand at making soups from the scratch 'coz the first couple of times I tried I thought the instant ones tasted better. I may try this one though 'coz I like its simplicity. Can you also post the recipe for your mom's tomato soup???

  4. Simple and healthy...... Thanks for sharing mandira. :)

  5. Hi,
    I always prefer home made soup. I like to try your version. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You know yesterday I bought a lentil soup and it was so bland that I actually wrote to the company to tell them.

    Your blog is lovely... the posto chingri looks superb!

  7. A warm soup is what we need in this winter time ,thanks for sharing Mandira.

  8. Wow...healthy and quick for chilling winter nights.


  9. Great healthy soup:)) For winter, perfect.

  10. Nice warm cup of soup Mandira. Thnx. for sharing

  11. great soup a mandira. a must try for us as well as my little one
    One more way to feed her veggies :)

  12. Hi Mandira, soup looks delicious, and so easy too... perfect for busy days. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Priya s&s - This is healthy and simple to make. Do try.

    Ramya- See you soon!

    Jayshree - This homemade soup is one of my favorites. Will post tomato soup the next time I make it.

    Rooma, Menu Today - Thanks. I hope you'll enjoy the soup.

  14. Mallika - Yes, the best part of homemade soup is you can make it as spicy as you want it. :) Welcome to ahaar, I hope you'll visit often.

    Mantu, Nidhi - Thanks, the soup is hearty and perfect for a cold evening.

    Asha, Veggie Delight - Thanks!

    Sandeepa - I hope your little one likes soups. :)

    Linda- Thanks, this definitely is one of the quick recipes you can make during the week.

  15. winter and soups are must have in my table for dinner and more varieties better for me ...this looks yummm and healthy too ...thanks for sharing

  16. Seema - This is quick and simple and quite filling too... I make it often during winter.


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