November 01, 2006

Ragda Patties

Moving is stressful and exciting at the same time. A couple of my friends have been doing it this past weekend. To celebrate their successful move, I made ragda patties, just like in their hometown – mumbaiya ishtyle.

I tasted it for the first time while visiting another friend couple of weeks ago. It reminded me of chaat, but was little different. So this recreation is purely from taste, rather than from a recipe. In Mumbai, the ragda is made with yellow dry peas which I substituted with chole.

Ingredients: (serves 4)
For patties
4-5 large potatoes
1 medium onion
2 red chillis
2/3 chilli powder
½ tspoon aamchur (dry mango) powder
½ tspoon turmeric
½ tspoon cumin seeds
½ tspoon coriander powder
2 tbspoon oil
Salt to taste

For ragda
1 1/2 cans chickpeas
2 cloves garlic – paste
1 cube ginger – paste
1 medium onion – chopped finely
1 medium tomato – chopped finely
1 tspoon Garam masala
1 tspoon coriander powder
½ tspoon turmeric powder
½ tspoon chilli powder
1 tspoon cumin seeds
2 tbspoon oil
Salt to taste

To garnish
Onions – chopped finely
Tomato – chopped finely
Green chilli & cilantro – chopped finely
Fresh lime juice


For patties
Boil the potatoes and mash it well. Keep it aside.
Heat oil in a wide pan and temper it with cumin seeds and red chillis.
Add the onions and sauté it for a couple of minutes. When onions start turning brown, add the potatoes. Stir well.
Then add all the dry masalas and mix it together stirring every couple of minutes.
Let it cook for 4-5 minutes. Take it off the heat and cool.
Divide the potato dough in small portions. I had about 14-15 balls for the patties.
Put the potato mix on your palm and flatten it into small patty.
Heat oil/butter on a flat skillet. When it starts sizzling, put the patties.
Shallow fry on each side on medium low heat for 2-3 minutes till they turn golden brown.
Let it cool on paper towel to drain excess oil.

For ragda
Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan and temper it with cumin seeds and chillis.
Add the ginger garlic mix and sauté for a couple of minutes.
Then add the onion and fry till they turn golden brown. Add the tomoatoes and cook on closed lid till they turn soft.
Add the masalas and sauté till they all mix together. Then add the chickpeas and salt and let it cook on medium heat for 7-8 minutes.
Then mash some of the chickpeas in the gravy. It makes it thick and gives a nice consistency.

Assembling ragda patties
Put a couple of potato patties on a plate.
Generously add the chole on top.
Garnish it with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, green chillis and lemon juice.
You can also add mint and tamerind chutney.
Serve it hot. It is not generally served with bun, but I was hungry!


  1. Almost like Tiki-choley chaat :-) Thanks for sharing

  2. love ragda paties..thanks for sharing the recipe in detail.

  3. Nice elaobrate post. Pictures are very tempting.

  4. great snack Mandira ,and pics so looking delecious wow!!

  5. we have this on a regular basis.nice recipe.

  6. love it, I make this occasionaly at home

  7. Mandira thats my favorite street snack...even more than bhel though less than vada pav :-)
    Your friends must have been very happy

  8. Looks delicious, Mandira! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Hi Mandira,
    It looks yummy!!!!

  10. Its raining here right now and I'm drooling at the pictures!!

  11. Ragda Patties, yummy, my weekeend plans are set- perfect for a rainy holiday afternoon with a movie.

  12. Mandira..the ragda patties looks so delicious. I have had this as chaat but never knew this was called ragda patties. In fact I always used to wonder what "ragda patties" means :)
    Thanks for sharing

  13. You have blogged about such amazing recipes in the past month, Mandira. What caught my fancy the very first moment was your 'Rasmalai with a Twist'. Wish I could pick it off the screen. :)

  14. Krithika - very similar, with sutle differrences. But just as delicious!

    Meena, Jayshree, Mantu - Thanks. It turned out really well and my friends enjoyed it too.

    Shaheen, Shankari - this was my first time trying it. I am sure to make it regularly now...

    Ashwini - Yes, my friends were happy... also surprized by my choice :) I can see why this is up in your fav list. It just made into mine!

    Linda, Menu Today, Sailu, Indosungod - Thanks. My first time trial was quite a success.

    Sandeepa - you are so right. Till I had it, I always wondered what ragda patties was :)

    Thanks Vaishali - Both these recipes (ragda patties and rasmalai) were greatly appreciated and were over quickly. :)

  15. My fav snack, Mandira! What a perfect dish for a winter like weather now.
    Sorry took my time to comment,been unusually busy these days and I don't like it!!:))

  16. wow mouth watering dish, my most fav.

  17. Mandira, you dinner looks lovely. Bon apetit

  18. One of my favorite street foods esp. in B'bay! yours looks so-- appetizing!

  19. Looks great!! Great for a weekend brunch!


  20. Asha- glad you dropped by. It does taste fantastic on a cold winter evening. :)

    Lakshmi, Susan, Nalini, Trupti - Thank you. It was delicious and am sure to make it again soon. Thanks for dropping by.

  21. Hi, thanks for stopping by my page. This gave me the opportunity to find yours. These patties look so good. I am so excited to read your posts.

  22. Sheree- thanks for dropping by. I hope you will try some of the recipes here. I know I will be dropping by on yours blog again.


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