December 10, 2006

G is for Gazania

We bought Gazania plants for the first time this summer. It was the daybreak series, and true to its name, this flower plant brightened our rooms and the porch garden.

Daisy-like, they are part of the Asteracae family. They grow a few inches in height and take a few weeks before blooming. Gazanias are natives of South Africa. They are generally low maintenance and grow well in full sunlight and water.

While searching for more information on the flower and it's origins I came across an interesting link which talks about the derivation of the name - Gazania.

The generic name Gazania, was given in honour of Theodor of Gaza (1398–1478). He was responsible for the translation of the botanical works of Theophrastus from Greek into Latin. Another possibility is that gaza is Greek for riches and could refer to the richness in colour, variety and abundance of the plant.

More information here.

This is my entry for the flowerfest going on at Manisha's Flowerfest.

Reference: Gardening tips'n ideas


  1. Beautiful Mandira!Love the color!!

  2. Beautiful flower Mandira.

  3. Lovely Flower Mandira. We planted these in our garden this summer too, I don't exactly remember the name, they really lasted long enough.
    I like this gardening event. Next summer I will take some snaps and participate. My winter gardening doesn't go that well. I did plant some chives and tea lime indoors, but they are in not that good shape :(

  4. Mandira! It's a thrill to have you participating at Flower Fest! I love all the tidbits we learn about flowers from the entries.

    Your gazania has such rich tones - it's gorgeous!! Lovely picture!

    Sandeepa, if you draw, paint or sketch, you can enter your art. Don't let not having pictures hold you back from participating at Flower Fest. Please join in!

  5. Asha, Sri- Thanks.

    Sandeepa - Thanks. Winter gardening is a lot of work. Good luck with that. Plants usually grow slowly in winter. I wait for days for a bud to form and then open. I hope you will consider entering the GBP with your plants.

    Manisha - Thanks, I'm learning a lot too. I also have a couple of mixed flower paintings but I don't know what flowers they are :( How do I identify them?

  6. These are great plants! I had a carpet of them in my front yard, at the home I once owned. They do so well here in this part of California. Beautiful picture!

  7. Gazanias are really beautiful.I miss summer and the color. Winter always equates to grey and dull in my opnion.

  8. Gorgeous color, I love these flowers and they last long.

  9. Mandira, what I do is look for flower sites and try to match the flowers visually. I also search for the flower using its characteristics - type of petals, color, location where I found it (foothills, montane, prairie etc) as well as the state. I also borrow books from the library. Once you do it a couple of times, you get the hang of it and will soon be able to start identifying them. Look for local horticultural web sites and if you have a local florist or a garden center, take your picture there and see if there is anyone who can help you identify the flower.

    It's not easy but it's like a mystery that must be solved! Try it and if you need help, send me an email and I'll see if I can help. :-D

  10. Thanks Sherry. These are great perrenials which look beautiful throught the year. I had a choice between this and yellow and red mix and I chose the bright orange!

    ISG - I know eactly what you mean. I look forward to sunny days which are good for the plants and also brighten my mood :)

    Nidhi - Thanks. Me too.

    Manisha - Thanks. I will go on the trail and see what I can find out. If nothing works, I'll send you an e-mail. Thanks Manisha!

  11. Gazanias are one of my favorites. I love flowers that have colors that are so bright they almost hurt your eyes!


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