December 03, 2006

GBP Winter/Spring 2007- Calling all Foodies!

December has begun and in several homes, foodies like myself are looking at their plants and herbs, watering them, making sure the temperature is optimum and there is food, water and sunlight for the plant.

If you haven't planted anything, there is still time. Go ahead and plant your favorite herb, plant and make exciting recipes with it. Send me pictures of your plant/herb along with your recipe at I will do the roundup on April 15, 2007. Please spread the word!

My earlier announcement here

This event was started by Ginger and Mango.
Update: Inji's summer round up is up and running. So feast your eyes and turn green with envy. Or else, use your green thumb to plant something!

I am looking forward to all your recipes.


  1. Great idea!!! I'm in! :)

  2. Hey Sher - Thanks, looking forward to your entry.

  3. Count me in, with my lone surviving rosemary. Thank you for hosting Mandira.

  4. Hi Mandira,

    Do you have anything ready? I think it would be great to see one of your plant posts. I used to post one plant each month so as to you know make them all feel guilty..hehehe..

    Also, it would be great if you could link the GBP-Summer round up.
    You know just to make them go crazy with all the green thing and them start plantng something at least :) (hehehe)

    As soon as I am okay to cook, I will post something.

  5. Archana - I'm sure you will have something beautiful and delicious to share. Looking forward to your recipe.

    Inji - So good to see you here. Great idea... I am going to pull all stops now ;) I couldn't find the roundup link before. Will definitely link it to the announcement. Get well soon and keep dropping by.

  6. Will try and participate ! I better plant something now .

  7. Krithika - Thanks. Most plants take 2-3 months and you should have plenty of time. Looking forward to your entry.


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