December 04, 2006

Sweet Poha (Beaten Rice)

When Kay announced Jihva for Jaggery and asked everyone to try something new, I turned to my mother-in-law's recipes. She had made sweet poha (beaten rice) which I really enjoyed and wanted to recreate it for this event. With coconut, jaggery and poha, this quick dessert works everytime.

In India, during the winter months, we would look forward to another special jaggery - nolen gud or new gud made from palm juice. When the fresh gud arrived at home, we would even eat it with fresh, hot chappatis or make payesh (my dad makes the best payesh!) with it. Sandeepa has a delicious looking nolen gud payesh (kheer).

Ah, nostalgia! Back to my sweet poha recipe.

1 1/2 cup poha (thick)
2/3 cup fresh shredded coconut (I used frozen coconut)
2/3 cup jaggery
1 tbspoon ghee
2 cardamoms - powder
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup warm water
almonds and raisins for garnishing

Dry roast the poha to get rid of the raw smell. Then soak it in boiled water for a 3-4 minutes (or till it becomes soft) and strain the water. Set it aside.
Now dissolve the jaggery in water and cook on low heat till it becomes thick. Strain once to remove any dirt. Keep it aside.
Heat a thick bottomed pan and roast the coconut on low heat till the raw smell goes away. Add jaggery and cook till it mixes well. Add the poha to the mixture.
Put ghee and cardamom powder and take it off the heat.
Garnish with raisins and almonds. Serve warm.

This is my entry for Jihva for Jaggery being hosted by Kay at Towards a Better Tomorrow. Thanks Kay!


  1. Priya S&S11:53 PM

    YUMM !! Nice entry for Jihva !

  2. rooma1:09 AM

    Hey... nice recipe..... our mother in laws come in so handy at such times :P ;)

  3. I just saw MT's Aval Pongal and now another:)Bring them on , more the better!

  4. Nice recipe...never had sweet poha before

  5. never tried poha and jaggery combination..sounds great..thanx for sharing

  6. Ohh, that looks so yummy!!!!! Thank you!

  7. me too, so many sweet poha dishes, yummy

  8. This is such a nice coincidence...I thought we were the only ones who prepared sweet poha; good to see variations

  9. What a coincidence my MIL make this too but she rolls them into balls like laddus and needless to say H loves it

  10. dear mandira'
    simply great recipe ' poha or chide cooked in jaggery looks yummy.great entry to the event.
    hugs and smiles

  11. I enjoy so much reading your post and tradition of the other winter dish. And beauitful recipe and texture!
    Mandira, thanks for informing me about Green Project, count me in!!!(you host the one in April right?). I'll write to you a special post different from my Weekend Herb Blogging's one as WHB has set a rule our WHB posts not supposed to enter another blog event :D

  12. Hi Mandira,
    I like to make your version next time. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi Mandira,wow,another verwion of poha kheer..good..very good.I like this version as it also involves the use of coconut.Must try this one soon..Thanks for sharing:)

  14. Wow, so many poha/jaggery recipes. I have saved all of them and this one too.

  15. Priya, Rooma - Thanks

    Asha - True, what a coincidence, isn't it?

    Sandeepa - I had it this summer and enjoyed the taste. If you want sweet in a jiffy, you might want to try it.

    Meena, Sher, Lakshmi - Thanks. Jaggery and coconut with the beaten rice makes a delicious combination.

    Ashwini - I guess every region has its take on it. It's so interesting to watch the subtle differences.

  16. ISG - Thanks, that's a great idea. I'm going to try it the next time :)

    Jaya- Chide, narkol aar gud ekshaate besh bhalo khete. Try korish!

    Gattina - Thanks. I am hosting the nest one and will do the round up on April 17. Looking forward to your recipe.

    MT, ViniK, Lakshmi K - Thank you for visiting. With the days getting colder and shorter I am constantly craving sweets. Look for more dessert recipes coming up :)

  17. Wow, Poha sweet looks delicious, Thnaks for sharing the recipe, I will be trying this for today.:)

  18. Mandira, your sweet poha looks wonderful... yum! :)

  19. Lera- Thanks. Do let me know how it turns out for you.

    Linda- Thanks. Sweet poha was my find for the summer ;)

  20. Wonderful recipe. Loved ur blog.

    Am Anu from My Scrawls. I have posted my version of poha kheer in my blog. Do visit my blog when u get time. Would be happy to receive comment from a veteran blogger :)

  21. Hey... nice recipe... i tried it.
    It came out well.

  22. Simply great recipe.


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