January 22, 2007

Treat from Home & Meme

I have been craving besan ka laddu for quite some time now. And I mentioned it to my brother during one of our regular conversations. It was a coincidence that a close friend was passing through Delhi around that time. And sure enough, a big Bikanerwala Besan Laddu pack came with my friend.

So for the past couple of days, I have been opening the pack after dinner and savoring a big laddu filled with ghee, pistachios, cashews and of course, love.

Thanks Bro!

Sandeepa has tagged me for the Three Things Meme. Here goes the three things in no particular order.

Three Things that make me laugh
Shows like Goodness Gracious Me & books
My Family

Three Things that make me cry
When the Levees Broke - A Requiem in four Acts By Spike Lee
Good Movies

Three Things that scare me
Stuck in a snow storm with no power & heat
Malicious intents

Three Things I love

My Family & Friends
A good book
A cup of hot ginger tea on a snowy evening

Three Things I'd like to learn
Making Sushi
Another Language
Playing a musical instrument

Three Things on my Desk
Junk Mail - still to be sorted

Three favorite food
Sushi rolls
Mom's Macher Jhol
Mishti Doi

Three beverages I drink regularly

Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid
Enid Blyton
Giant Robot
Mandrake - the magician & Amar Chitra Katha

Three bloggers I would like to tag

It was fun to pause and think about some of my favorite things. I hope you will enjoy it too.


  1. no reading chacha choudharynka dimaag computer se bhi tej memories? :D

  2. This will be fun! Thanks for tagging me. I enjoyed reading your answers!! :)

  3. Hi Mandira,
    i enjoy readi nyour Meme. its nice to know more about you this way. :)

  4. Nice besan laddoos Mandira, great bro you have
    Also liked reading your meme. What about the other one. I had tagged you for two of them, you could pick the other if you have the time and inclination
    I am not too fond of memes so no pressure

  5. I love Bikanerwala. In Dubai there are 2 outlets and believe me that is the first place I go to when I visit my parents. The coolest thing is Soeren developed the taste for Indian sweets there especially the jalebis. Ummmm! Mandira I would just about do anything to get my hands on one of those ladoos!

  6. Looks great!What a loving brother you have!:))
    Love the MeMe too.Enjoy the Laddoos!

  7. sqrl - ofcourse I also read chacha chowdary, but I could quote only 3...

    Sher - Thanks, looking forward to your answers.

    Thanks Pooja

    Sandeepa - Thanks, the laddoos are delicious:) I'm going to pass on the other Meme, thanks for the offer though. I think everyone has already written about other bloggers already.

    Meeta - I still have about 6 left, you'll probably get one if you hurry. ooh, jalebis! I see Soren has good taste :)

    Thanks Asha.

  8. your sweet treat sounds very yummy!
    Thanks for tagging me, will do it this week :D

  9. Coffee1:23 AM

    Lucky sister I must say!!!!

    Lovely Meme!!! You seem to be totally bawlled over by sushi :D!!!

  10. Nice MEME Mandira...and those treats from India WOW! you are lucky to have a brother like this :)
    Cheers, Nidhi.

  11. Came across your website. Liked reading your meme

  12. Gattina - thanks, looking forward to your Meme.

    Coffee- Thanks, I'm discovering sushi and enjoying it.

    Thanks Nidhi

    Sushma - welcome to ahaar. I hope you'll visit regularly.


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