January 09, 2007

What's growing in my garden? Can you guess?

Now this is an easy one. This is a chilli plant which had survived the winter thus far. And look, there are little chillis. Recipe with chillis is coming up.

But here is the quiz question. What plant is this? It's used soon after the picture was taken for an amazing chutney. It has a strong smell but not overpowering in this form. Put on the thinking cap and let me know :)

So what is growing in your garden for Green Blog Project - Winter/Spring 2007?

Update: Thanks for playing along. It is a GARLIC plant. I got some for garlic greens recipe (coming up) and am hoping to get some real garlic by the end of the season.


  1. Anonymous12:59 AM


  2. either garlic or alium (wild onion)

  3. Hey your chilli plant looks so good and pretty healthy too (knock on wood). Did you grow them from chilli seeds ? Did you use the dry red chilli seeds ?
    Looks real pretty

  4. Is it garlic chives?

    I don't think I can cook for GBP this time. Nothing growing here. :(

  5. Hi Mandira,

    I enjoyed the tour of your kitchen! My guess too, is some sort of onion, or perhaps garlic tops?

    Pecan pie and chunky soup look great :) Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

  6. Dear Mandira, Tks for visiting my blog. Got a chance to know you. Will keep visiting. I think this is onion plant. Viji

  7. i think its garlic plant .
    well, I am not gooe at guessing though :))
    . Loves to kow your kitchen

    thanks for sharing .
    chilli palnt looks so nice, its tempting me to pluck some fresh chilli from there right now :)

  8. Coffee6:53 AM

    I think its garlic....... or then.. may be the green onion????


  9. oh I like your chilli plant! I may experiment to plant it from seed.
    About the second one... in the beginning I thought spring/green onion, now everyone says garlic... ok I cheat (hehee..), garlic!

  10. Is it green onion?

  11. Garlic or turmeric ??

    \Bah\ may be these are stupid guesses.

  12. Hi Mandira
    Tomar Betutu Ayyam aajke banalam, besh bhalo holo, jodio amar kache tomar original kichu ingred. chilo na
    I didn't take a pic because it was in Beta phase :) Once I try it with all the right ingreds. shall post a pic .
    But it tasted great even today. Thanks

  13. I have to hand it over all to you. You are really Good. It IS a Garlic plant.
    Or was it me? Did I leave huge clues...
    Thanks for playing along :)

  14. Sandeepa - Shune khub bhalo laglo. You made my day! Every time someone tries a recipe and posts a comment, I'm elated :)

  15. I think the first one is basil, and the second one is garlic!

    Melissa (from Panama)

  16. Hi MAndira
    I am struggling with a chilli plant too. I moved it indoors so it will not wither from the winter weather... It has teeny tiny chilli pods. I think its the round variety.. By APril tey will grow fine.. But more so than ever I get attached to plants that I grow and I find it difficult to "cook" them.

    I had so much of self-talking before "pureeing" my mint leaves for a chutney !!

  17. Thanks Melissa - the first one is a chilli plant and the second a garlic plant.

    Revathi - Cool, looking forward to pics of your chilli plant. I know what you mean about getting attached. I waited till the last minute before I plucked my tomatoes. But they tasted great - sweet and juicy :)


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