February 15, 2007

Fun with Rajbhog! (Guest Post by Aswin)

I spent several months in India last year, and spent quite a lot of time watching TV! In addition to cricket and filmi-shows, I also ended up watching some cooking shows thanks to my mom. She would jot down recipes, suggest twists, and tell me to try them when I got back to the U.S. (and of course, post the results on Ahaar!). And soon enough, I found myself getting interested in these shows and caught two of them on a fairly regular basis - Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana on ZEE TV, and Saviruchi on ETV-Kannada.

The recipe here was featured on Khana Khazana and struck me as simple and quick, yet delicious. And it turned out to be a really nice Valentine's Day treat!

Sanjeev Kapoor used rasgullas and just one fruit (pomegranate). Rajbhog works just as well, if not better, and a combination of fruits is a good idea too!

Rajbhog (or Rasgullas): 1 can
Yogurt: 1 cup
Apple: 1
Grapes: a bunch (the red grapes lend a nice color contrast)
Any other fruits of your choice
Honey: 2 tbsp

Chop the apple into small pieces, and do the same with the grapes.
Squeeze out the sugar syrup from the rajbhog, and cut in half.
Spread a tsp of yogurt on each half, and let it soak for 5 minutes or so.
Arrange the fruits on the rajbhog pieces in any way you think looks best!
Drizzle a little honey on this (be warned that the rajbhog tastes sweet even if you've squeezed out the sugar syrup)
Cover, and refrigerate for an hour before serving.


  1. That looks so good! It's really nice to see something that will taste good, but has the fruit--very good for you and fun to eat! A great idea!!

  2. Wow!! I love rajbhog!! Easy and quick! Thanks Mandira.

  3. Thats a great idea. Loved it. You could acutally name it 'Ras-Phal' meaning rasgulla+ phal(fruit) hee hee. I know that was a bad joke. Will surely make it when I have guests next time
    Thanx gal

  4. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Thats looks very good...I too, Love Sanjay Kapoor's show.
    My fav. recipe is his own creation: "Shaaam-Savera" an awesome spinach dish.


  5. Very elegant dessert!!Simple too.

    WHAT?! You speak and understand Kannada? Why didn't you tell me before lady?! That's good to hear.

  6. OH MY GOD! thats really a Raaja Bhogaa. Very very good presentation. thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  7. wow
    lovely and yummy!!!!

  8. Dear mandira,
    Raajbog ,we also love it , simple recipe ,but the goodness of fruits make them even more relishing , thanks for sharing ,lovely.
    khana khajana on zee tv is one such popular show ..have you checked this one
    tarladalal.blogspot.com, do check in
    hugs and smiles

  9. Hi mandira,
    I am bowled over by this recipe. Thanks for sharing:. I sure try it out.

  10. Anonymous6:34 AM

    I enjoy this sweet a lot but never tried it at home. Nice recipe. I enjoy SK's shows too.

  11. Hi all, Thank you so much for your comments. As you saw in the title, this Rajbhog treat was made by Aswin as a surprise treat. I will pass on your compliments to him!

  12. Anonymous2:36 PM

    How simple is that! And how beautiful that looks, Mandira! You (or Aswin) watched a Kannada show?! I didn't know you knew Kannada too!

  13. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Wow,...what a good idea.
    I love rasgullas,...n using them this way is really fun,..
    Thx for sharing!

  14. This looks so pretty, great idea. Thanks Mandira and A

  15. Anonymous9:15 PM

    What a nice twist to rasgullas. What is rajbhog?

  16. Wow Mandira that looks really delicious and a simple enough recipe to try! Will try it sometime.
    Do post more recipes from khana khazana and from saviruchi.

  17. i love fruits and love rasgullas and what an interesting recipe it is. gonna surely try this for next potluck party or dinner.
    me waiting eagerly for more recipes of sanjeev kapoor and from saviruchi. hey there r couple of episodes of saviruchi in some website. i will check them and send u across if u r interested:)

  18. They look terribly cute! Bet you can't eat just one! ;-)

  19. Hi Mandira,Thanks for visiting my page and I am glad I could find yours. You have a great blog here. Those rajbhog delicacies, they re my kinda desserts, easy to prepare, and tasty too. I can very well imagine how tasty they re :)


  20. A Nice dish. Tempting to eat. Viji

  21. Mandira, those rajbhog are looking delicious...i tried this once with rasgulla.

  22. It is indeed real fun Mandira! adding fresh fruits and yogurt to halves of Rajbhog is a wonderful and nice Idea. Lovely presentation too!

  23. Vani - Thanks. I don't understand Kannada, Aswin does! As you probably saw, this is a guest post by Aswin and hence the Kannada reference.

    Bhargavi, Sandeepa - Thanks.

    Gini - Yes, there is a burst of flavors as soon as you pop one in your mouth. Rajbhog is a relative of rasogulla family. It has a filling inside - usually kheer, pistachio and is soaked in saffron and rose water. It's also bigger than rasogulla. Check this link: http://www.harekrsna.com/practice/prasadam/recipes/bengali.htm

    Latha - thanks, stay tuned. Will post more recipes from khana khazana this year.

    Supriya - this is the perfect dessert platter for a gathering. Do try. Do send the saviruchi links when you get a chance.

    Shilpa - thanks.

    Shn - Thank you. It is an easy recipe and a great twist to a classic. Do try.

    Vcuisine, Sri, Nidhi - thanks. We enjoyed every one of those delicious rajbhogs :)

  24. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Oh what a lovely and easy idea of having a delicious dessert...loved it

  25. Anonymous11:01 PM

    That looks so ccccccuuuuuuuuttttteeeeeeeee Mandira!!!!! Lovely dessert!!!!! Have you checked out my variation of rasgulla with a twist!!!!?? :)

  26. That sure is a visual treat.. thanks for a easy and quick recipe

  27. Sushma - yes, it's simple and easy but makes the rajbhogs taste even better.

    Thanks Coffee - will check out your rasgullas soon.

    Prema - thanks. It was a treat for us too.


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