February 11, 2007

Meme Time!

The winter storms are not yet over. Just when the temperatures were rising out of the teens, there is news of yet another storm heading this way. So I decided to stay home, warm and work on my Meme. I've been tagged by lovely Sri of Daavat about Five Things you Don't Know about Me. Here goes my list:
  • I was constantly teased about my name when I was young. So much so that I wanted to change my name. But now, I'm glad I didn't!
  • I have a sweet tooth. As my family and friends will vouch, I love sweet things whether it's a Cadbury's chocolate or homemade payesh.
  • I like the smell of freshly cooked/baked goodies whether it's a cake or oven poached seabass. It's delicious!
  • My rotis never turn out round! It doesn't matter the consistency of the dough, once I start rolling, they develop a mind of their own. But I haven't given up... yet.
  • I want to bake fresh bread for breakfast once. I haven't attempted it as yet, but will soon!
I think everyone has been tagged by the Meme. But, if you haven't tried this as yet, do it. It's fun. Thanks Sri!


  1. Very nice and short MeMe!! Enjoyed it.If you can't make round rotis,use flat edged plate or a big round pan,cut the rounds.Works for me for Pooris!!;D
    I love the name Mandira!!

  2. Mandira,
    There used to be a Bengali girl in our school named Mandira. That was the first time I heard that name and some how I liked it very much.When I noticed your name, I thought she too have that beautiful name. I was surprised to know that you were teased for it.
    I too have a sweet tooth.

  3. I'm so glad you didn't change your name--it's lovely!! I liked it the first time I saw it. :):):) Kid's can tease you over anything!

  4. That's a cute meme, Mandira! I too love the smell of baked goodies!

  5. Hey
    Tumi tomar biggest secret bol le na, I was kind of hoping tumi bolbe, tomar docu er byapar e :(
    Amar last name er katha bolchilam Mandira, but it's ok don't bother :)

  6. kids used to tease u coz of ur name!!!!???? thats strange coz u have lovely name:)
    and even i cant make round roties;)

  7. Loved reading your meme. I am surprised that you were teased for your name...its a lovely name.Even i want to try baking bread.

  8. Asha - thanks. I make my rotis here and it's not a problem. But I tried passing off those rotis in India and it was quite a shock to all of them! I'm glad I kept the name too.

    Suma - thanks. The first time I heard of another person with this name was when Shanti came on Doordarshan.

    Sher - thanks. I agree, sometimes kids can be mean.

    Thanks Chandrika - they make the entire place smell wonderful and make me hungry.

    Sandeepa - kajer byapaare bolbo... maybe another time and another post :) tomar kotha shune amar khub bhalo laglo... ki tumi amar kaaj pachando koro.

    Thanks Supriya, I like the name too. Can you imagine, aswin's rotis are rounder than mine!

    Sri - I'm waiting for summer when the yeast bread will work. I am planning to try Mark Bitman's no knead bread!


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