February 12, 2007

Thai Rice Noodle & Vegetable Soup

I've had wonderful Thai Soups in restaurants and have also tried the instant Thai Kitchen Soups several times but have never tried making it from scratch at home. I was craving it this weekend and decided to give it a try. Since I didn't have a recipe, I recreated this soup from memory. It didn't taste exactly the same, but was great nonetheless, a wonderful mix of vegetables, tofu and rice noodles. I will add some more broth the next time I make it.

2 cups Rice Noodles - I used Thai Kitchen Rice Noodles
2 1/2 cups Vegetable Stock
1 tspoon ginger - grated
1 tspoon garlic - grated
4-5 green onions - chopped
1 tspoon lemon zest
2/3 tspoon brown sugar
1 1/2 tbspoon light soy sauce
1/2 tspoon red chilli powder
1/4 tspoon black bean sauce
1 broccoli crown - chopped thinly
8-10 portabella mushroom - chopped thinly
1/2 cup baby carrots - chopped thinly
1/2 package extra firm tofu, cut into small cubes
1 tbspoon oil
Salt to taste
1 tspoon lemon juice
lemon wedge & chopped cilantro to garnish

Take a thick wide bottomed pan. Heat oil and add ginger and garlic. Once they start sputtering add the vegetables - spring onions, carrots, mushrooms and broccoli. Saute for a couple of minutes, add soy sauce, sugar, chilli powder, lemon zest and stir it well.

Add the vegetable stock and let it cook for 7-8 minutes on medium low heat or till the vegetables are semi-cooked.

Then add rice noodles to the broth and cook for 2-3 minutes till the noodles are cooked.

Squeeze fresh lemon juice, garnish with lemon wedge and cilantro and serve.

This is my entry for Vegetable Love at Fatfree Vegan Kitchen - a healthy way to celebrate Valentine's Day. :)


  1. Love Thai Soup. Toamr version ta try korbo

  2. Lovely dish! with all the trappings for a perfect chinese Treat.

  3. This looks delicious Mandira! A perfect go-to meal to fight the winter blues we're facing here!

  4. what a wonderful dish. Healthy too. thanks buddy.

  5. I love Thai soups, and yours looks delicious. Thanks for entering it in the Vegetable Love challenge!

  6. That is soooo yummy looking!! I think anyone would be thrilled to have that served to them!

  7. This looks like a wonderful, light but filling Thai soup. Thanks for the recipe!

  8. Hmmm....looks great....i heard many saying that till you try it is something new,,once you taste it you will become a great fan of Thai style receips.

    Sure going to try once...Thanks for sharing

  9. Looking good!!! I would love that right about now in this freezing weather! brrr

  10. Hi Mandira, thanks for popping by my blog! :) Wow, even though you didn't have a recipe, you definitely experimented with lots of ingredients! That's great!

  11. Hi Mandira, I love Thai food -- your soup sounds perfect for a cold winter night :)

  12. I am not a Thai food fan..I had thai food once and hated it...must be something wrong with the restaurant...but your dish is tempting me try it.Thanks for sharing it...i love soups.
    Have a wonderful valentine day..mandira.

  13. Coffee5:39 AM

    THAI!!!!!!! UUMMMMMM!!!!!!! My favourite :)
    The soup looks great!!

  14. Thai Rice Noodle Soup looks wonderful, just what you need for a cold snowy day. By the way how far are you from the town that got hit with 12 feet of snow, in a couple of days, looks like that much snow is not uncommon for those parts. Keep Warm!

  15. Sounds delicious!!! I should try this, dash of chilli sauce and brown sugar adds lots of flavors.

  16. This is so yummy looking Mandira! Could I have some please? Love Thai food. Will try this for sure. Thanks!

  17. Sandeepa - try kore bolish kemon laglo.

    Lera, Meena, Mythreyee - thanks. This does make a nice warm end to a snowy day.

    Susan, Sher - Thanks. It was delicious. I was surprized that cooking without a recipe can be so much fun!

    Lydia - You're right. This was light but quite filling meal.

    Usha - I like their curries too, esp the ones with coconut milk. Thai food is delicious. Give it to me anytime.

  18. that's beautiful. i've tried several thai recipes, but the only problem is that when i tried to refrigerate the leftvers, the coconut milk freezes over. do you have any solution to this? thanks in advance.

  19. TRS, Twisted Cindrella - Thanks for visiting. Soups really warm me up in this freezing weather.

    Shilpa - Welcome to ahaar. I love trying new recipe and mixing different spices. It's an adventure and I enjoy it. About the results ... err, let's say it works most times ;)

    Thanks Linda, Thai is my favorite food too.

    Sri - I believe food is about personal tastes and choice. Do try the soup if you want to give Thai another try. Winter is the perfect time to try new soup recipes. I've dicovered a few.

    Thanks coffee.

    ISG- Finally, today there is no snowfall! But it's nothing like Oswego in Central NY with 10 feet of snow. The earlier milder winter spoilt me.

    Padmaja - You're right. Chilli, brown sugar and soy sauce packs a punch. Do try.

    Hema - it was quite delicious and we were pleased with the result. :) Come anytime, I'll make a fresh batch for you.

    Jacob - I don't remember the curries freezing, but will look into it. I'm sure a minute in the microwave will restore the consistency. Thanks for visiting.

  20. Hi
    Looks delicious.
    If u like thai cuisine then I think u can check this one http://trythaifood.blogspot.com/. I haven t tried any of those recipes, just discovered recently.

  21. Bhargavi - the link looks interesting. Thank you for sending it to me. Will soon try more Thai recipes from the blog :)

  22. Mmmm your recipes look delicous!
    you have Great blog from Jeena :)

    visit jeena's kitchen healthy recipe blog

  23. Thanks Jeena and welcome to ahaar. Will surely visit your blog.

  24. Great and nice to eat thai rice recipies, try thai rice recipies thay are really delicios, thx to all for all useful information and comments.


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