March 12, 2007

GBP- chilli & cilantro dressing

Let me tell you two short stories. The first one is about a chilli plant. This plant was very happy in the porch during the summer months but was forced to come indoors for the winter. The plant was not happy! So for the longest time there were leaves and flowers, but no chillis. Then, just when I told myself not to look there every morning, a small chilli started growing. Then there were more flowers and two, then three chillis!

The other story is about a cilantro plant that defied all odds. I had tossed some seeds in a small green pot sitting on the kitchen window sill. Even when the temperature dipped below zero, the seeds managed to sprout into a little cilantro plant. And this plant braved the winter, and is now looking forward to spring and summer.

There weren't enough chillis and cilantro for a chutney or even a relish. So I added the chilli and cilantro as a quick dressing to a salad and served it with dal, rice and homemade yogurt. It was delicious.

Come on, discover the magic of plants, and growing local and organic. The deadline is a month away. Send me pictures of your plants and your recipes by April 10, to


  1. Great choice Mandira.Looks good.
    I tried very hard to grow something for your event but they all died except Mint which is thriving!!:D
    I will post shortly.

  2. except for curled parsley everything is dead:( i feel so bad to see them die.

  3. hi Mandira
    I too have something for your GBP :)
    I love your cute chillies, tomar mail ta dekhecho, kichu dorkar lagle bolo

  4. Oh, I love the chili & cilantro dressing! I have GBP marked on my calendar and was just thinking about what recipe to do for it this morning!!

  5. You do have a green thumb! your herb and vegetable garden makes me all the more eager for summer to come rolling in!

  6. Celia Dávila3:57 PM

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  7. Anonymous4:37 PM

    I have ONE leaf on my cilantro plant. hopefully it should grow something more by April 10 :D

    The spearmint however is flourishing.. I have had one 'harvest' from it already ..

  8. Chilli plants looks good. How did you start the plant?

  9. aaawwww! Brave little ones! Thats a good little story! Bless their heart!

    Mine is coming soon on GBP

  10. You grow your own chilli and cilantro plant? WOW! Hmmmm...having your own cilantro plant is really a good idea. I find store-bought cilantro can't last very long in the fridge.

  11. Hi Mandira! My little seedlings are inching along slowly... winter sunshine is good for slow-growing I guess. I'm encouraged to keep up, seeing your lovely little plants! Dressing sounds delicious :)

  12. Hi Mandira, I was quite excite when I started with methi seeds but it dint come out well for me...leaves were sooo small...dont know why....want to try once more when the spring starts...lets see if I can make it before april 10th...btw, i like that red and while drape...thats one of my favourite colour combo and motif:) Are u from West bengal? somehow that drape tells me that u re from that side :)


  13. Hi Mandira, thx for visiting my blog :) I love serranos, too bad I can't grow them in my tiny rented apartment :( I was telling Linda @out of the garden bout this aero garden infomercial I saw, where u just plant the seed, and let it grow, without any nurturing, and they have this temp. setting all set according to your plant, woww..after looking at your plant, I'm more tempted to grow now hehe, thx ! :)

  14. I tried growing methi, and grow they did. The leaves were small tho'. But later they wilted. My heart broke! I grew them again, they are up now and am keeping my fingers crossed!! I do have curry leaves growing well, touch wood!!

  15. Your plants look really nice...commend your efforts!

  16. This is my first time here. What a beautiful story. My husband is a very green person, I unfortunately kill plants. Maybe,... I will give this a shot and see what happens

  17. Ahsa - Sorry to hear about your plants. But mint will be a good entry. Looking forward to your recipe.

    Sia's corner - It's hard to grow herbs and veggies in winter. I've done my share of plant killing too. Maybe you'll surprise us with curled parsley recipe. :)

    Sandeepa - that's wonderful. My outside chilli plants died with the onset of winter. This one, I brought in.

    Sher - Thanks, it wasn't enough to make a chutney, but enought for a dressing. Looking forward to your entries.

    Monisha - thanks. My plants and I are also looking forward to the summer. They all go on the porch and I get quite a harvest at the end of summer. :)

    Sqrl/ta - do send in your recipe. Will it be cilantro or the spearmint?

    Deepz - I had sprinkled some seeds in a few pots last summer. I could only bring this pot in. Will plant some more this summer.

    Thanks Inji - They survived the winter and I'm sure anxious to go back on the porch. Looking forward to your recipe.

    Tigerfish - Now that I've started, I don't want to stop. About Store bought cilantro, if I wash, clean and store in an airtight container, they last me a couple of weeks.

    Linda - Houseplants have a slow growth and I've learnt needs a lot of patience! Your methi looks great. Looking forward to your recipe.

    Shn - Good luck with your methi plants. You can also try growing spinach, they do well in winter. Thanks, I love the print of the drapes too.

    Melting wok - aero garden? That sounds interesting. There's a month to go, still time to grow and submit your entry :)

    Jyothsna- good luck with methi leaves. You have fresh curry leaves, wow, that sounds great. Do send in your entry by April 10.

    Thanks Sunita - I started small last summer but have big plans for the upcoming one. I enjoy it and harvesting my own tomatoes, and chillis is a lot of fun.

    Creative cook - Do try, my plants took a while to adjust to the interior setting. I'll look forward to your story.

  18. dear Mandira,
    oh I am so excited to see your little Chillies and Cilantro leaves , its bit difficult to raise them inside the four walls of house(I know pretty well ) ,but you came out with flying colors , ...and such a cute story to go with also ..
    hugs and smiles

  19. Hi Mandira

    Wow the chilli looks very nice

    hope to see mine grow too.

    my plants are just with 4 leaves yet the next pair of leaves coming up.

  20. Roopa - good luck with your little plants. It's hard not to look everyday and urge them to grow faster ;)


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