March 04, 2007

JFI - Alu Posto

I'm late for Jihva for Potato. I had every intention of posting on March 1, even had the recipe ready, but the week got the better of me. I think it had to do with the snow. You see, when the week started, I felt spring in the air. The snow was finally beginning to melt. But, by the weekend, the snow warnings were back in the news. And my mind started to revolt.

As I browsed around looking at different potato recipes for Jihva, I saw no alu posto recipes. So, here I am with alu posto recipe.

Alu posto, as any Bengali will tell you, is a classic recipe. Every household probably has it's special recipe. There are different versions of Alu Posto available on Bengali bloggers sites. Here are Sandeepa's and Jaya's versions. I've made alu-zucchini posto before, but this recipe is slightly different. It's my friend N's recipe and uses only posto and green chillies for flavoring. Along with her mushurir dal (masur dal) and steamed rice, this tasted divine.

5-6 Red-skin Potatoes- washed and cut in cubes with skin
2-green chilli
4 tbspoon posto
1 tspoon - paanch phoron
1 tbspoon - mustard oil
1/4 water
salt to taste

Soak the posto in warm water and grind to a fine paste with the green chillies.
Heat a wide bottomed pan and temper mustard oil with paanch phoron.
Add the potatoes and saute for 3-4 minutes. Then add the posto paste and let it cook on medium low heat for 4-5 minutes.
Add the water and salt and cook it covered till the potatoes are fully cooked.
Serve warm with rice and dal.

This is my entry for Jihva for Potatoes hosted by Vaishali at Happy Burp. Thanks Vaishali, I hope I'm not too late.


  1. Oh, you can do that? :( i thot i was late and didnt want to post then. Next JFI then...

  2. Hi Mandira,
    Different curry. Thanks

  3. I'm constantly looking for alu posto recipes as the one I follow doesn't always give the same result. Glad to see more!

  4. When i read the title i knew it could be a bengali dish. looks like i'm learning a lot these days :)

  5. khus-khus and mustard oil. sounds very unique. maybe not for bongs, but for me, it's unusual. will try it.

  6. I'm sorry your snow won't leave for good!!!!! I love the recipe! Glad you posted that! :):)

  7. Inji - I decided to take my chances. I hope Vaishali will include it in the roundup.

    Thanks MT, Sra.

    Shn - Alu Posto is a traditional Bengali recipe and is delicious, do try.

    Bee - thanks. It is an unusual combination and works well too.

    Sher - yes, it's one of the coldest nights of the season today!! It should get better after that.

  8. Oh my word. Only yesterday I found out that you can actually buy posto in London. I am a Bengali and have been craving aloo posto for a while. Will definitely try this soon. Thanks so much (and to sandeepa of course)

  9. good to see an alu posto for JFI :)

  10. Hey mandira,thanks for this recipe dear.I have tasted it,but never got the recipe.Now I can make this!

  11. Mallika - thanks. I'm glad that you are going to try this alu posto recipe. Do try, I'm sure my friend N will be thrilled.

    Thanks Sandeepa - I thought so too that there should be a alu posto for JFI - Potato. :)

    Thanks ViniK - It is easy and tastes delicious. Do try.

  12. Anonymous2:37 PM

    hey..I went to Ruma's place on Sunday and she had also made aloo-jhinge posto..I think I am going to make it tonight..yumm

  13. Durga - I recently saw a recipe of begun posto, am going to try it next.

  14. I was on the look out for potato posto recipe and here it is. It looks yummy and am surely going to try this.

  15. cod u post me a recipe for steamed posto which i sthen shaped in a cutlet type n eaten with raw sarso oil n green chillies I think.I have not eaten it but wod love to if u cod help me pls

  16. I already tried this dish, and I have t say it is not of my favorite. I liked the potatoes, but I think the fact that it also has a little rice does not make it appealing to me!

  17. Aloo posto looking yummy.Glad to follow you. Do visit my blog in your spare time.


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