March 05, 2007

March against Plagiarism!

Yahoo recently launched a Malyalam portal in beta version and for content, they lifted recipes from a Surya Gayathri fellow blogger without informing her and worse, without giving her any credit. As shocking as this sounds, this is not the only case. In the last few months, I've read about Indiatimes and Sify also lifting pictures from Saffron Hut, another fellow blogger.
This is plagiarism, passing off someone's ideas and content as your known. Not only is this ethically wrong, this is illegal as well. As a blogger, I find it terrible, hurtful and offensive that my content (that I may have spent a day cooking, writing, and taking pictures) is in another publication without any acknowledgement.
Ask us, don't steal. We will be more than happy to share the content. First of all, request permission, provide a link to our blogs and credit us for the images and content. It's that simple!
Thanks to InjiPennu for organizing this protest. Check her blog to see other bloggers participating in the protest.
(pic credit - Sandeepa @ Bong Mom's Cookbook)


  1. Tomay mail korechi, do let me know
    AR GBP add korechi in my blog

  2. Saneepa - thanks for adding GBP in your blog.

    Inji - Thanks for organizing the march. I hope yahoo will apologize!


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