April 10, 2007

Green Blog Project - Final Call

Summer is just a couple of months away. So let's get ready for summer gardening. I just planted some tomatoes inside for saplings. Hopefully they will be ready to go out in a month. Spinach is also growing steadily. Don't they look cute, like toddlers who have just learnt to walk, yet are not stable on their feet for long!

Today is the final day for Green Blog Project. Please send me your pictures, permalink and recipes.

GBP has generated a lot of interest in gardening and I am excited. I've received several e-mails asking about basics of gardening in smaller spaces. Here are some tips for pot gardening.

Pot gardening is relatively easier in the summer as there is more light and warmth. You can grow cucumber, tomatoes, spinach and herbs in your own garden -perfect for that summer salad. The key details as you start are:

1. Selecting a container - Pots or plastic containers come in several different sizes. Choose accordingly. A herb garden can be in smaller pots. Vegetables like eggplant and tomatoes require bigger containers.

2. Soil - You can make your own soil or buy one of those store bought ready-to-use soil. They are good for to start the seeds. You can then add compost, liquid fertilizers for the growing season.

3. Water - In winter, plants need much less water than summer. Be the judge. If the soil is dry but the plants are not wilting then there is enough moisture.

4. Seeds and Saplings - Plants and saplings are available in the nearest nursery or the farmer's market. You can grow tomatoes, eggplants, green peppers, carrots, radishes, chilli pepper, and different kinds of herbs on your porch and window sill. For getting seeds online - you can try evergreenseeds.com

It's that easy! And for those who have backyards and frontyards, does your garden look like this?

Stay tuned for the roundup!


  1. I love gardening... love to see the plants grow. Now i don't have a front or a back yard ..so miss gardening.

  2. Mandira,
    Shoott I forgot that the deadline is here. I got chilli plant bought for long ago. Then I also have some onion springs coming up. But I cannot post till Saturday.. Becoz I got to cook with it yet !! Nevertheless I will send u my entry. Hopefully u will accept!!

  3. Recently I bought corainder leaves which had its roots along.Do you think it will grow well in a pot if I plant it Mandira?

  4. Pravs- you can try gardening in pots. Place them closer to a window, give them care, water and you will have your own garden.

    Revathi - go ahead and send me your entry. I will include it in the round up.

    Sumitha - You can definitely try with one or two of the springs, I guess it will also depend on how long before were they picked.


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