May 11, 2007

Orange & Pomegranate Muffins - It's Spring!

This is yet another springy and fruity creations. I am on a roll - three posts with a spring theme. I saw this cupcake recipe (original recipe here) and modified it for the muffins. It was a trial and if it wasn't so good, you wouldn't have heard about it from me. But let me tell you all about it now.

With fresh orange juice (I even added some pulp) and pomegranate seeds in each muffin, a chocolate piece which tempts you to dig in, this is a scrumptious leisurely breakfast. With hot coffee or chai, and NPR this is my idea of weekend morning.

2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup sugar
2/3 cup milk (add more if you need)
1/2 tspoon baking soda
1 egg
2 tbspoon butter
1/4 tspoon orange zest
1/4 cup orange juice and pulp
2/3 cup pomegrante seeds
small piece of chocolate (I had some Toblerone in the fridge, but you could use any variety)

Add sugar to the flour, then add the baking soda. Set aside.
Beat the butter till it is fluffy. Add egg to the butter and mix it well.
Mix the juice and the milk and stir it together.
Add the butter and egg mix to the flour stirring it constantly. Then add the juice and milk and mix it well.
Mix in the pomegranate seeds. I set some aside for the top.
In the meantime, heat the oven to 350 deg F. Scoop the batter to the muffin tray till it is 2/3 full.
Add some pomegranate seeds on top and put the chocolate.
Bake for 20-25 min till the muffins turn golden brown and the toothpick comes out clean.

This is going to the Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 11 hosted by Spicy Andhra.

This uses eggs. I am going to try a eggless version of this muffin next. Will let you know how it turns out.


  1. it works. your RSS feed works. yay. and your muffins rock.

  2. Lovely! Pomegranate muffins, wow! totally new and fantastic idea! I am waiting for your eggless recipe too :).

  3. hmm...this sounds cool! should try with pomegranate soon.Hope you post the one without eggs too.


  4. Eita banachi ami MBP'r jonyo. Pomengrate seeds is a beautiful idea. Eggless ta tara tari bolo please

  5. Never heard of pomegranate muffins. This goes to my to-be-tried list.

  6. Oh Mandira! You are right on the money - a cup of tea and one or two :) of these muffins and life could not be sweeter. I'd love to have one right now.

  7. i have pomegranite seeds in the pantry so will try this :) very creative

  8. wonderfull muffins that too using pomegranate......., i would be interested in your eggless version.

  9. must taste delightful and refreshing! But for me I just can't chew pomegranate seeds :) :)

  10. Hi there, I like your blog! Nice recipe it looks yummy :) Feel free to visit my blog too :)

    Click here for jeenas food recipe blog :-)

  11. Lovely combination.....Never tried this one.....nice.... I love it.

  12. Mandira how much Butter ?

  13. pomegranate muffins? that ultra cool mandira:)

  14. Thanks Bee :)

    Musical - the pomegranate seeds add a crunch to the muffins. Will post the eggless version soon.

    Shn - thanks, will post it as soon as I have tried it ;)

    Sandeepa - baniye bolo kemon hoyeche. Butter - 2 tspoon diyo. Ami poste update korchi...

    Thanks Suganya and welcome to ahaar.

    Cynthia - Thanks. We try to do something different for weekend breakfasts, and this was a treat for us too.

    Thanks Reena

    Roopa - thanks. Will try the eggless version soon.

    Gattina - with fresh orange juice, chocolate and pomegranate it was quite a treat for the weekend! Try mixing pomegranate juice with orange juice if you want to try it and reduce the milk accordingly. I'm sure it will give it a nice color too :)

    Thanks Jeena. Will surely visit your blog.

    Sukanya, Sia's corner - thanks. :)

  15. hey Mandira, Thanx for dropping by my photo-blog...I just glanced thro' all the yummy stuff here...great effort .will be back soon :)

  16. the muffins looks so pretty with those pomegranate. must be tasting great too. nice recipe.

  17. I've never cooked with pomegranate seeds...a very new idea...

  18. Anonymous4:53 PM

    fantastic muffins...lovely...thanks for sharing

  19. Oh! What a lovely idea!! And they are so pretty!

  20. Thank you for the birthday wishes. You have a new reader: I have psent the last 30 minutes devouring all your creations wiht my eyes...and my belly! Such inspiration!

  21. A unique combination of flavors! wonderful.

  22. Moi - thanks. I'm glad you like the recipes. Do keep visiting.

    Sharmi - yes, they were a big hit.

    Sunita - the muffins turned out well, the pomegranate seeds were sweet and crunchy.

    Dilip - thank you. Do try when you get a chance.

    Sher - thank you. I adjusted it from the original idea, and it came out great.

    Helen - thanks for visiting. I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipes and the pics. Do keep visiting.

    Thanks Hema.

  23. That looks really good!

  24. I had no idea you could use the seeds whole in baking! Shibby ;)

  25. comments are not enabled on your pulao post. wanted to say, you can send it for 'r' as 'rajma pulao'.

  26. Inji - thanks

    Garrett - thanks. the pomegranate seeds were crunchy in the muffins. I liked the texture, you can substitute it with pomegranate juice.

    Thanks Bee, blogger did a trick and I had to reset the post settings.

  27. I had a fresh pomegranate and was looking to use it in a breakfast dish for coffee at a friend's house. This recipe is just what I was looking for. I can't have dairy so I substituted olive oil for the butter and homemade oat milk for the milk. The batter tasted great and they look and smell yummy! Thanks.

  28. Thank you for stopping by and your feedback. I have to try it without milk and butter next time. :)

  29. Thanks for checking out my blog. I just tried one of the muffins and it was delicious and the substitutions worked just fine. I love the crunch.

  30. Anonymous3:18 AM

    try substituting a half a cup of cocoa powder for a half a cup of flour

  31. Anonymous10:22 AM

    What about the zest? In the recipe it says nothing about it! we just mixed it in!


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