May 03, 2007

Simple Spring Salad

It has been unintended blogging break, but I am back! Did I tell you the weather is getting warmer here? I had planted some seeds end of March in the pots on the porch. It turned cold after that and nothing sprouted. Soon, I forgot all about it. This week, when I was out on the porch, I saw tiny saplings in those pots. Now I don't remember what seeds were in which pots. Guess I just have to wait and watch:)

Along with gorgeous weather, the Farmers market's will be open in Buffalo soon. I love the fresh local ingredients we can use all through the summer.

Here is a simple spring salad with fresh greens and fresh raspberries that captures the spirit of the Farmers market.

1 cup baby spinach
1 cup red radish leaves
1 green apple
1/4 cup toasted walnuts and cashews
1/4 cup chopped carrots

2 tbspoon balsamic vinegar
1 tbspoon lemon juice
pinch of honey
pinch of olive oil
handful of raspberries

Chop the green apples in long slices and mix all the ingredients together.
For the dressing, mix all the ingredients together. You can either crush the raspberries in the dressing. I just let them soak the dressing and sprinkle them right before serving.
This is going to Monthly Mingle #10 Spring is in the air hosted by lovely Meeta at What's for Lunch, Honey.


  1. thats very healthy inviting spring

  2. The pic speaks volumes about the taste - the raspberries add a nice bit of colour and texture, too, am sure.

  3. That looks so beautiful--the raspberries are glorious!

  4. that looks absolutely beautiful. salads with fresh fruits. wow!

  5. Welcome back! I planted some herbs and had the same problem - can't remember which is which now!

  6. That looks awesome!!!!! Loved the idea of raspberries in the salad!!!!

  7. Anonymous8:03 AM

    simply beautiful...yep spring is surely here...thanks for sharing

  8. Walnuts and Apples!I am sold!!:)

    Looks delicious.Enjoy.

  9. This is such a nice, simple salad.

    I can so relate to our recounted events about planting the seeds and later not remembering what they are :) Be sure to let us know later when you find out.

  10. spring is in the air...

  11. What is it about raspberry and vinegar that are so great together? A delicate and beautiful arrangement. Now I will have to try radish greens; I've never had them. Thanks!

  12. Thats realy spring........Looks beautiful and fresh..

  13. Frsh..light and springy :)

  14. Trupti2:06 PM

    I love this variation on the Waldorf Salad...I add celery along with the greens....and leave out the mayo.
    glad its getting warmer such luck here..


  15. Salad looks delicious Mandira -- I love the raspberries in there, yum :)

  16. Spring and Salad and Green. Looks gooood

  17. it looks this kinda healthy dishes.
    thanks for sharing...

  18. Thank you everyone. The salad was nice and spring with a perfect combination of sweet taste of the apples, the tartness of the raspberries, the tangy lemon juice and the fresh greens. We enjoyed it.

  19. The salad looks so colourful...spring is definitely here...

  20. Mandira! I love the combination of this salad. Simple? This is no simple salad, but one with a gorgeous explosion of flavors. Thanks for entering it to the MM!

  21. Sunita - thanks.

    Meeta - thank you. It was an explosion of flavors. I'm even growing my own greens and am sure to make it soon :)


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