May 26, 2007

Summer is almost here...

Now that it's getting warmer, the plants have been moved to the porch. The seeds have been planted, some have started sprouting and some are getting ready to flower.

Here are some of the plants from my summer garden:

Chilli/Cayenne pepper plant is getting ready to flower

Spinach almost ready to be picked for a salad or maybe dal...

Zucchini seeds have sprouted

Tomato plants are ready to be transferred to a bigger pot


  1. good going, mandira. all your plants look healthy, unlike ours


  2. Wow Mandira your plants look great. When did you start the spinach ? Mine has just come out :(

  3. Mandira, you have green thumb!!! I'm just so excited once seen your chili, then your zucchini!!! My herbs just had a bad year *sigh*

  4. Beautiful!! I already have Cherry tomatoes and few peppers out on the plants:))
    Aren't they a joy to look at those plants.Can't wait for next month.

  5. Your plants look superb. Can't wait for you to harvest the fruits and cook up more great food to feed us :)

  6. Looking good Mandira, green and fresh. Don't you love summer

  7. Your plants are looking nice and healthy. Even I have a small kitchen garden.Is zucchini a creeper?

  8. wow Mandira, great source of inspiration. this time no spinach :( for me.

  9. Anonymous11:21 PM

    What kind of fertilizer you use on your veg. garden?


  10. what a beauties !! i envy you know... i have no garden :((

  11. Thanks Bee, the plants seem to be doing well. I think they were waiting for summer too.

    Sandeepa thanks. I planted spinach end of April when the weather started to get better. Once they sprout, they grow at an amazing speed. :)

    Gattina - thanks. I'm just discovering my green thumb. But believe me, I've killed my share of plants.

    Asha - wow, you already have tomatoes! that's great. I am looking forward to your plant pics.

    Cynthia - I would love to do that ;) I will post regular updates on my plants.

    ISG - I can't believe it was not long ago I was cribbing about winter and now it's so sunny and warm. I'm sure the plants are thinking the same...

    Archana - don't you love kitchen gardens... zucchini is a creeper and I'm hoping to give it support on the porch once it starts bearing fruits.

    thanks Roopa. So what is growing in your garden?

    Jaya - I buy enriched soil and then use compost from time to time. It's fairly easy.

    Pravs - I have my garden in pots, and it works well for the apartment. Having a porch helps too. Maybe you can start with potting herbs in plants.

  12. So green Mandira. I love pot plants. Good job. Viji

  13. Hi Mandira,
    first time here..thanks for visiting my blog..Your plants look healthy..due to the hot weather here, all flowers of my veggie plants fall..
    Your blog looks neat..

  14. WOW this great...All the plants are looking so healthy....

  15. Wow Mandira,isn't it nice to see them growing so lusciously...

  16. Your plants are beautiful. My basil is not doing so well - anu suggestions? You are far more green fingered than me!!

  17. Thanks Viji

    Seena - thanks and welcome to ahaar. I leave my plants on the porch and water them in the evening.

    Sukanya, Sunita - thank you.

    Mallika - thanks, what's happened to your basil?

  18. mandira, I am really jealous !! hym.. still no garden at my tiny apartment argh. Spinach is my religious vege haha, wish I have an abundance of them like in your garden :)

  19. u guys are born with green thumb:) k

  20. wow! those look so healthy! great going!

  21. Hoo Amdira.These greenary looks great.Perfect for this spring and summer.Lovely collections.I too have grown certain plants.Love them

  22. Mandira,

    its seems to be you have got a plenty of greenery around you(in ur garden). Nice effort:-)Good luck!!

  23. Wow! Mandira, they all look quite vibrant. And u sprouted all of them? I transplanted our spinach yesterday and seems like they all died today :(

  24. I am inspired by your event and planted Okra, beans and mint. they are coming really well. your plants look so good.

  25. Melting Wok -thanks. I have a few pots of varying sizes where my gardening happens. It's great to come home to such pleasant views ;) Try herb gardening. They can be done in small pots.

    Thanks Sia, Richa. The plants are doing well. I think it has something to do with the nice sunshine we have had for the last week. :)

    Soumya thanks. Isn't gardening fun? and I've just begun. What are you growing?

    Meena thanks. I enjoy gardening and hope to continue doing it.

    Gini - thanks. I sprouted all of them. Believe me I had the same feeling when I transported the radish plants. Look at them now, they've grown so much in the last week!

    Sharmi - that's wonderful. Do post pictures of your plants. Wonderful, you'll have plenty to harvest by the end of the summer :)


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