June 21, 2007

Beguni on a rainy day!

The warm weather has given way to thunderstorms, rain and cooler weather. "This beautiful weather calls for some bajjis with chai," Aswin said and on an impulse, perhaps because the end of the week was here, we decided to make some.

We quickly got our things ready for beguni and pyaji. We had just started making some when a friend called. "What are you doing?," she asked. "Making beguni," I replied. "I'll bring some dal and gin and tonic," she offered. Now who can refuse an offer like that! And in a few minutes we called another friend. "What is for dinner?" she asked. "Beguni." Immediately came the answer. "Keep making and I will be right over." Soon there was an impromptu party, the best kind if you ask me, and it all started with this beguni.

If you're wondering what beguni is, it is sliced eggplants marinated in salt and turmeric which is then dipped in spicy besan (chickpea flour) mix and deep fried. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, this is perfect snack to munch on or serve as a side dish with dal and rice. I replaced besan with rice flour mixed with some posto (poppy seeds) which made the coating lighter and crunchier.

Ingredients: (3-4 people)
4-5 medium eggplants (I used about 6-7 small eggplants)
1 1/2 cup rice flour
2 tbspoon poppy seeds
1/4 tspoon turmeric
1/4 tspoon red chilli powder
Salt to taste
1 cup water (adjust to make a thick batter)
Oil to deep fry

Slice the eggplants into thick slices. Marinate it with salt and turmeric and set it aside.
In the meantime, mix the rice flour, posto, salt, turmeric, chilli powder with water and make it into a thick consistency. It should be thick enough to coat well and yet not lumpy or heavy.

Heat Oil in a thick deep bottomed pan or a wok. When the oil is hot, dip the eggplant in the rice flour batter so that it coats well. Fry till they are golden brown.

Serve warm with ketchup. This is going to Sangeeta at Ghar ka Khana for JFI:Eggplant. Thanks Sangeeta.


  1. These are really nice and tasty. I had tasted them at Durga puja , prasad was served with bengali khichadi and these begunis and tomato chutney. I still remember the taste :)

  2. This would be great in place of cutlets. Infact I can make these ahead and later put together eggplant parmigiano ;)

  3. One of the few ways I'll have baingan!! :)

  4. Hi!
    what a snack to have on rainy days and that too with friends....

  5. lovely post. loved the pic of the rainswept balcony, and the idea of rice flour with poppy seed, have never made it, though.

  6. u guys surely had some party:) aswin is right, rainy day calls for some bajjis and chai. simple eggplant fritters are always welcome in my family:) may be next time i will join u guys;)

  7. barish aur bhajjia sath me ho to majja hi kuch aur hai! the fritters looks yumm crisp i am looking for some fried crisps ...

  8. Yum :) Sounds like comfort food :)

  9. Looks perfectly crispy and delicious Mandira -- can imagine how good that tasted in the sudden chill. It did turn cool! I'll be bookmarking this one -- thanks :)

  10. OOHH!!!!! Gorgeous!!!! I am very choosey when it comes to eggplant.... but I think I can have this for sure. :)

  11. Mmmmmm beguni...do you have some left :) Loved the first pic.
    Also shall try the rice flour poppy seed combo next

  12. We call it Badanekai Bajji!! I LOVE LOVE it,thought of making ot for RCI!Looks mouthwatering.Beguni rocks! Gin and Tonic rocks too!HeHe!!

  13. Mandira, you are perfectly right, these impromptu get-togethers are the best.

  14. anything with gin and tonic tastes nice. i'm not an eggplant fan, mandira, but this dish looks fantastic. your pics capture the dish very well.

  15. I love such impromptu parties too.....and those pictures are lovely....esp. the one of the rains!


  16. I haven't tasted begunis but this sounds like bhajji, in which we use besan instead of riceflour.. That would sure be a great snack on a rainy day.

  17. Hi Mandira,
    Wow, rain and bajji's...love it. never made baingan bajjis. Pics look lovely....Thanks for the recipe.

  18. Hmm... yummy. Great post.vv

  19. Archana- They are pretty delicious, aren't they?

    Suganya- what a great idea! I have to try it in eggplant parmesan.

    Jyothsna - I hear you, it was a while before I could experiment with eggplant.

    ushaimpromptu parties with friends is a lot of fun.

    Sra - thanks. I wanted a lighter version and rice flour and poppy seeds gave that taste. We are back to sunny days.

    Sia - what a party it turned out to be! you can drop by anytime :)

    roopa - you should try it, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

    Trini gourmet - thanks, it was delicious and wonderful.

    Linda- yeah, it was quite cool the last couple of days. It's back to sunny days. Do let me know how it turns out.

    Coffee- I think you will enjoy the taste. it's crispy and light.

  20. Sandeepa come over any time. I can always make another batch :)

    Asha- I agree, gin and tonic with a hint of lime... rocks!

    Cynthia - they are the best. We had a fun game night.

    Bee - you're back! So good to see you.

    Trupti- it was a lot of fun. The rain really brought down the temperature.

    Prema - traditionally it is made with besan, I tried it with rice flour and really liked the taste and the crispness of the begunis.

    Madhu - do try and let me know what you think.

    Thanks Hima.

  21. Do you know where it is called beguni ?

  22. absolutely unique entry for the jfi.. switching to rice flour sounds like a nice idea for that extra crunch. we fry marinated eggpants when we have nothing to spice up the rice meal.

  23. Anonymous12:58 PM

    how lovely...great snack...seeing so many eggplant recipes...i think i am missing out...

  24. Inji it's called beguni in Bangla.

    Shaheen - I did like that crunch, it goes really well with simple rice and dal too.

    Dilip - with JFI eggplant, it's time to bookmark all the favorite eggplant recipes :)

  25. This dish is new to me. Sounds delicious though. Will give it a try.

  26. pritya4:45 AM

    Dear Mandira,

    That is an amazing recipe and most ideal for a rainy day! Must tell you the name is what attracted me to the recipe. Great one and looks crunchy and sumptuous.

  27. Priyanka, Pritya This is a traditional bengali recipe with a twist. I changed the batter to make it light and crunchy, and that's how it turned out. We enjoyed it with tea and dinner ;)

  28. How does rice flour give this texture? Beguni is traditionally made using besan.



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