July 30, 2007

Cool Summer Pasta Salad

Thank you to everyone for you wishes! We have settled down and boxes are unpacked for the most part and the kitchen is back up and running. Even though the commute time is significantly more, I have been peeking at fellow bloggers' posts and relishing the delicious and beautiful recipes!

We are still getting a sense of the place, and we've discovered a beautiful park close to where we live. I will post pictures soon. And there is a farmer's market that runs through the year. I've heard about Michigan blueberries, morel mushrooms and the cherries. I can't wait to try them all!

The blogging break has been busy, but I didn't want to miss any of the great events coming up. So here is a cool summer pasta salad, with organic vegetables bought from local market . The only thing you need to cook is the pasta! We all have to do our part, and we do ours with regulating our heat, electricity, recycle paper, bags, and oh growing our veggies (sometimes), herbs and keeping plants.

The original recipe is from Naked Chef featuring Jaime Oliver. The show is casual, fun and irreverent. We enjoyed the show and instantly tried one of the recipes, with a little modification. Here is how I made it.

1 1/2 cups small pasta (I used Orzo, you can also try small shell)
3/4 cucumber - thinly chopped
8-10 grape tomatoes - thinly chopped
1 medium carrot - thinly chopped
mixed greens - thinly chopped
Small onion - thinly chopped (you can also use chives)
cilantro - thinly chopped
2 garlic cloves
salt to taste

For dressing
2 tbspoons Olive oil
2 tbspoons lime juice (they used vinegar in the show)
1/2 tspoon freshly ground pepper
salt to taste
1/4 tspoon sugar

I learned this cool trick from the show. Boild water with olive oil and salt for the pasta. Also drop in the garlic cloves with the skin on in the water along with pasta.

In the meantime, chop all vegetables. , Mix the ingredients for dressing together in a bowl.

Before draining the pasta, take the garlic cloves out and remove the skin. Since they've become soft, use a fork to make a rough paste. It has a subtle taste and goes well in the salad.

Mix all the vegetables and the pasta together. Add the dressing and mix well.

Serve warm or cold. This is going to the Monthly Mingle Earth Food hosted by gracious Meeta at What's for Lunch, Honey? Thanks for hosting.


  1. Hi mandira good to see you back! the cold pasta dish looks excellent :)

  2. Nice to see you back Mandira :)
    I liked the garlic tip :)This is the first time I am seeing such tiny pasta. The pasta salad looks cooool.
    Nice pictures :)

  3. Oh I'm sure you will love the Farmersa Market. I cannot wait to see all that you discover there. As for this pasta it looks lovely. I love the wonderful vibrant colors!

  4. Nice to see you back Mandira! Hope you settle down soon. The pasta looks colourful. Thanks for the tip.

  5. A cool pasta salad. Good that you are back. Viji

  6. looks so tasty, I can't wait to try it. Glad to see you back.

  7. Looking good Mandira, colorful and earthy.

  8. Looks yummm.... thanks for sharing....

  9. YUMMY!!!! Looks like a great salad for Summer.Delicious.
    Glad you are back to blogging.Enjoy the new surrounding!:))

  10. Glad the move went well. You can always think of food on the commute. Thanks for this lovely, simple recipe. It looks delicious.

  11. jamie rules. good to see you back in action.

  12. Hi Mandira,
    I lurk here regularly and comment only occasionally.
    That's a great pasta salad recipe.I am going to try it out soon.
    Do you miss Buffalo? We too moved out of Buffalo recently.

  13. Hi Mandira, nice recipe..the colors look perfect!

  14. nice to see you back and happy to know you have settled. the salad looks simple and elegant.

  15. hey, so glad to see you back! good to know you are settling in fine!!
    The pasta looks awesome with a wonderful medley of colourful veggies!

  16. Roopa thanks. It's good to be back.

    Archana I liked the garlic tip too. It makes the garlic soft and mushy and the taste is subtler than the raw garlic. I plan to use it regularly.

    Meeta - the colors of the earth, won't you say? great theme :)

    Jyothsna it will be a few months before we settle down completely. Thank you for your wishes.

    Viji thank you. I'm glad to be blogging again.

  17. Saju do try and let me know how it turns out.

    ISG thanks :) colorful, simple and delicious plus it's quick to make too.

    Thanks Priyanka.

    Asha - thanks, it's good to be back. We are still figuring out the place, but know the basics like the food places ;)

    Thanks Mallika. Food and commute, that's a whole post waiting to be written.

    Bee - it feels good to be back among friends ;) I saw a few episodes back to back and am going to follow it more closely.

  18. TBC - you should have sent me an e-mail and we would have met up. Too bad I missed a fellow blogger. About missing Buffalo, (sigh) what can I say? I miss the familiarity of the place, my favorite places, friends, food, our late night sessions... Where are you now?

    Thanks Poonam .

    Sharmi thanks. We are settling in well in Ann Arbor. A couple more months and we will be able to give you a tour of the place :)

    Coffee thanks. It has been a busy few weeks with work and unpacking. A few more boxes and we will be all done!

  19. Glad to hear that you've settled down...the pasta looks very cool indeed and, of course, summery.

  20. Hi Hon, glad to hear that you and the hubby have unpacked and are settling in.

    Salad looks delicious. I wish we got orzo here. I like the shape and what it looks like in a dish such as this salad.

  21. I left a comment Mandira , where did it go, to Ann Arbor :) ?
    Just Kidding, but I did leave a comment asking whether you guys were all settled and looking forward to more from the Farmers Market

  22. this looks quite healthy. i wud definitely prefer it cold :)xunr

  23. nice to have u back. orzo pasta lends well to salads and the tip abt garlic in the water is very helpful.

  24. Hi there nice recipe it looks lovely. :)


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