July 17, 2007

Instant Food!

What do you do when all your furniture, kitchen stuff, and so on is sitting in a warehouse waiting for the next truck that will head in the direction of your new home? You could eat out, but that burns a hole in your pocket sooner than you realize. So we decided to pick up some of that "ready to eat" stuff that Indian stores stock. We went with Gits Rava Dosa and Priya Madras Sambar.

We've tried other Gits products before and they turn out pretty good (especially the rava idly). Add some freshly chopped cilantro and onions, and the rava dosai mix makes for a decent meal.

But Priya's Sambar was just horrible. When you first tear open the packet, it smells a bit like hotel sambar, if you know what I mean. I can deal with that, but that's about the only thing good about it. And what's more, the packet says "three servings" and you think ok, this will do fine for one meal. But no, it barely fills half a small cereal bowl! Having grown up eating at darshinis in Bangalore where one never thinks twice about getting a second or third helping of chutney or sambar, this was just terrible.

Anyways, the good news is all our boxes have arrived. We have a lot of unpacking to do, but should be able to get back to full-fledged cooking soon!


  1. Hope you are settling in fins Mandira! :) I never liked any of Priya's products.

  2. except for priya pickles i dont like other products. hw have u been girl?

  3. Mandira, good luck with the unpacking and settling down, you will be having home cooked food soon, good bye to the Priya stuff!

  4. Good to know that the move went well. Good luck to both of you, for the whole unpacking-and-settling-down process!
    I have never had much luck with packaged sambar the few times I tried it. At one point, a new South Indian restaurant opened near our place in NYC. We were so excited: until I happened to walk past there one morning, and saw a truck unloading hundreds of packets of sambar at the restaurant's door! The horror :D

  5. Hi Aswin,I love MTR Rasam pd,Puliyagare and Vangi bhath pd is great too for a quick meal.
    Dosa looks lacy and golden.Thanks for info about Priya Sambar!
    Happy unpacking!:))

  6. I like Priya pickles only. Hope you settle down soon!

  7. Glad the boxes arrived and looking forward to having you back in the kitchen. :)

  8. Haha, I like how frank you are about the horrible sambar. i don't dare slam any brand, not sure if we're allowed to? :) happy housewarming!

  9. Anonymous11:46 PM


    no sambhar, packed whichever way, can give you the thrill of a fresh home made sambhar.


  10. Thank you all for the wishes!

    Asha - I agree, the MTR pastes/pudis are rather good.

  11. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I only tried priya pickles never tried the ready foods. Thanks for the warning not to go them.

  12. I truly understand how it feels. I think you can go for simple onion/tamato chutney instead.

  13. Hey Aswin and Mandira, so good to see you guys. Hope the move was all smooth and you are settled now. i wish i could be of some help.....never tried the Priya stuff except their ginger pickle which i like (haven't seen it in a while now!).

    take care,

  14. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Happy to hear you've arrived in beeeeautiful Michigan! I am only a teeny bit jealous :)

    You know, those instant food reviews are much appreciated, and might make a really good 'regular feature'! ;)

    Have fun settling in!

  15. I have tried the packaged Khaman dhokla and gulab jamun it comes out very good and it is tasty also. I heard from my friends the idly, sambar and rasam is also good. Good luck with your unpacking

  16. You are already in Ann Arbor ? Did you finish unpacking over the weekend ?
    "Maine Banaya Gits se" -- is a tagline for many of the South Indian stuff I try :) like Rava Idli, Uttapam

  17. Thanks for the warning Mandira... hope you guys are done unpacking, well that never really gets done, does it? Hope at least you got your essentials unpacked.... :)


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