August 26, 2007

Amish Friendship Bread

I was so excited to receive a batter bag for Amish Friendship Bread recently. The bag came with a page of instructions. The batter ferments for 10 days and at the end of the 10th day, I could bake the bread.

Leading to the 10th day, all I had to do was mash the bag everyday, add flour, milk and sugar on the 5th day, and add more of the same ingredients on the 10th day and then use past of the batter to bake the bread. The bread was more like a cake - moist and delicious.

Here is where it gets interesting! I got to divide the batter in 4 bags and pass the batter forward to my friends. It reminded me of chain letters (not e-mails, but actual letters) that were the rage in school!

I decided to pass it on to Nupur of One Hot Stove in the hope that it will become a unique Event. The batter is passed from one food blogger to the next and we all will share a bit of the batter, make our own changes to the bread and make it our own. Isn't that neat? I hope it will become a "pass the batter to friends" event.

When you receive the batter, all you have to do is write a post about it with a link to this post, the person who sent it, and the person you forward the batter to for baking. I will update the list as we go along.

Since the instructions come with the batter, I won't go into the detail of the recipe, but here are the changes I made to the recipe.

I used whole wheat flour which made the bread denser.
I added banana and raisins.
I also reduced about 3/4 cup of sugar from the mix. The bread was mildly sweet.

The bread was devoured in a day!


  1. Cute concept, Mandira!

  2. what a neat idea and this bread must have tasted wonderful.

  3. I liked this concept :)

  4. It sure must have been thrilling :).

  5. the bread looks good. it must have been hard not to bake the bread rightaway.. and just mush it around tho for 10 whole days!!

  6. It looks wonderful! Thanks for sending the batter, Mandira, it is thriving in my warm kitchen :)
    The use of banana is a wonderful idea and I hope you won't mind if I copy it ;)
    I'll be baking the bread this week and posting about it soon!!

  7. Do I have the patience to wait for 10 days?! Nah, my bread bakes in 3 hrs in the machine!! Hahaha!
    Bread looks great. I love Amish ginger cookies too which are paper thin!:)

  8. Thats a very neat idea indeed Mandira! Tha bread looks wonderfully moist. :)

  9. Thats a very nice idea and I am sure it would be a grand event. I am sure it must have tasted divine...thanks for sharing Mandira!

  10. I read about this bread in few other places. All of them claim they were moist and delicious. Adding banana is doubly assuring :)

  11. Yeah I heard about this before. It is really a great idea.

  12. what a lovely idea and event. 10 days to ferment ? must be tasting great. I wish I get some batter:)

  13. I'll be over for some friendship bread!!!! Nice to hear from you Mandira!

    I can be reached here:

  14. The braed looks nice!!All the best for the concept!!flyjmpq

  15. I guess I'm visiting for the first time...

    You have some wonderful recipes here!

  16. What a neat idea! I love sharing recipes and food with friends. And this looks delicious! :)

  17. Musical, Bee, Archana, Anjali thanks. I'm glad you all are game for the bread.

    Rajitha the 10 days ferments the batter and yes it was extremely long wait!

    Nupur thanks for playing along. The bake date is near, do try the banana bread with raisins and let me know how it turns out. :)

    Asha you'll have to send the ginger cookies batter ;)

    Coffee, Padma, Suganya, - thanks. I hope it becomes an event everyone enjoys :)

    Cynthia, Sharmi thanks, it was delicious and was gone in no time :)

    Kanchana we have to plan a get together soon :)

    Swapna, Kumudha, Veggie Cookster thanks. I'm glad you liked the concept.:)

  18. Good idea and nice looking bread. Congrats on all your awards too.

  19. Bread loves good. 10 days to ferment..that is something.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. That's great idea.....

  22. What a neat concept! Any idea how it got it's name?

  23. Your bread looks terrific. You all bake so well


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