September 23, 2007

Banana Blueberry Milkshake & Canoes

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I have talked about Michigan Blueberries before, but didn't get a chance to pick them up before this weekend. Since I picked up the pack of blueberries I have used it for our breakfast regularly. Yesterday I made blueberry buttermilk pancake, but forgot to take the picture. And today I made Banana Blueberry milkshake with honey. This has the consistency of smoothie, but made with milk instead of yogurt.

This was a great way to begin this gorgeous weekend. To make the most of it, we decided to go canoeing. This was my first canoe trip, a 3.7 mile trip from Argo park to Gallup park and it was fantastic! It took us about an hour and a half to finish the trip!

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2 ripe bananas
two handful blueberries
1 1/4 glass cool milk
1 tspoon honey (I used raw Michigan honey)

Just put everything in the blender and pour it to glasses and serve immediately.

Here are some pictures from our canoe trip. The day was warm, the water cool and we saw ducks, geese, heron and other birds on the way. It was the perfect end to the perfect day which began with a glass of simply delicious milkshake.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


  1. the pics are lovely! :)

  2. that water is such a goreous shade of green!! you live in a gorgeous place.

  3. The milkshake is yummy! and the pictures are really soothing.....

  4. Looking at the water makes me happy!
    Great entry for Banana!:)

  5. Wht a refreshing start of the day..recipe is yummm n pics are gorgeous.

  6. Such beautiful pics, hey I forgot to post my entry...sending it across baby!

  7. Yummy milkshake.Pics look great.

  8. That is indeed a beautiful place.

  9. delicious combination. have to try this.

  10. Hi Mandira, oh, it's making me so happy, made my day really, to see these lovely photos from your first canoe trip!! Maybe sometime we can meet in northern MI, and you can canoe on Torch River too. If you guys get the chance to make a long weekend, and you like canoeing, you might also want to try part of the Au Sable. It's also a National Scenic Byway, for a nice day's drive. Oh, I'm so excited to see you enjoying my beloved MI :):)

    Thanks for the beautiful pics :)

  11. I always make my smothies with milk.

    Your canoing scenery looks very much like parts of Guyana.

  12. yummy yummy Milkshake.beautiful place.

  13. thanks Nags

    Bee it was a lot of fun. We want to try the 7.5 mile trail the next time.

    Musical Thanks, the milkshake wasn't too sweet and we loved the fresh fruits in there.

    Thanks Asha! The smoothie was delicious :)

    Poojav - thanks!

    Padma thanks, send over your entry :)

    Rohini thanks.

    Sandeepa we are enjoying discovery this new place!

  14. Sharmi thanks.

    Linda - Thanks, I am enjoying Ann Arbor. Canoeing in Torch River and Au Sable sounds wonderful We want to go up north for the fall colors before it becomes too cold.
    It will be wonderful to meet you here in MI sometime!

    Cynthia I enjoy the milk smoothies too. It was the perfect fall day for the trip. The day was sharp, crisp and that really come through in the pics too. I'm sure Guyana is beautiful. I would love to visit it some day.

    Prajusha, thanks :)

  15. Very nice photography mandira!!
    Milkshake is tempting me very much,and sure wil try it out.:)

  16. WOW amazing recipe :D:D

    I am a student currently based in London, and i am studying to achieve a GCSE in ICT. AS a favour may i ask if i can use The picture of your wonderful blueberry Smoothie for my Coursework?

    Thnx alot


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