October 31, 2007

Peach Pancakes

Two breakfast posts in a row! Is that what you are thinking? Well, pancakes and omelettes are on our favorite weekend breakfasts lists, but I had no intention of posting them one after the other. Infact, I wanted to make peach crumble and even had everything ready for it. But having the ingredients is not enough. You see, my oven went kaput!

I put my oven to bake and nothing happened, so I waited, and waited... But after some time I couldn't stop smelling the sweet peaches. It was hard to resist, so I searched for an alternative.

We settled on peach pancakes. With some organic maple syrup from farmers market, this was our midweek indulgence.

Ingredients: (serves 2)
1 cup organic pancake mix (we bought this batch from Whole Foods bin and is really great)
1 cup milk
1 tspoon oil
1 medium peach- peeled, and chopped fine

Mix the pancake mix with milk and oil. Add some water if you need to.
Add in the peaches and set it aside for 10 minutes.
Heat griddle and pour the batter to make pancakes. Once you see bubbles, turn it over.
Serve warm with butter, whipped cream, maple syrup or honey.

This goes to Manasi of Fun and Food who is hosting A Fruit a Month:Peach this month. Thank you for hosting Manasi!

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  1. we r not complaing here mandira:) if all ur breakfast items r gonna be so yummy n delicious then, bring it on girl :)

  2. Hmmm...looks soft,and perfect...:))

  3. Pancakes are our fave Sunday breakfast too, kids look forward to it, don't have much time in the weekday mornings to do these!:)
    Peach in the pancakes sounds delicious. I do Blueberries sometimes, usually cinnamon flavored!:)

  4. i looooove pancakes, its our favorite weekend dish too. i like ur varition of pancakes with peaches. will try them soon.

  5. Perfect for a sweet breakfast

  6. Peach pancakes! now that is something I have not come across yet:-)

  7. hey, that is one cool idea :) would like to try

  8. Looks delicious...esp with the Maple Syrup on top...yummmm!

  9. Peach Pancakes now that is a fantastic combination! WOW! Hugs to you!

  10. That's indeed a great combination. I love this fruity pancake. Nice entry for the event.

  11. pankcake with peach yummmmmmm
    delecious breakfast

  12. shud try this one for sure.. looks good. :)

  13. wow mandira it looks so yum....I would love to try them sometime great one thanks dear!

  14. Love the pancake. I have never made thick pancakes. Should try them

  15. Interesting variety in pancakes.. Peach version - Man you all bloggers are so creative & innovative in your recipes!!

  16. Thank you all for all your comments. We make pancakes often for our weekend breakfast, but somehow never tried peach pancakes before this. It was light and fragrant. We are surely trying it again.


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