November 06, 2007

Giving Thanks to Foodies!

Thanks to Food Blogging my word bank, knowledge bank, recipe bank, spice bank, and friends bank have soared. I cannot even recall how many delicious discoveries I have made in last year and a half. Infact, It happens everyday!

While I may have blogged about some (here and here), most of the time the food is cooked, oohed-aahed over and is gone in no time.

Here are some that I have tried and loved over the last several weeks:

Sandeepa'a Machha Besara - it reminds me of sarshe ilish, yet has it's own distinct taste. I tried it with Salmon. (photo to come)

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Hema's Celery Thokku - Innovative, creative, unusual were the words that came to mind when I saw this post. Of course, I had to try it. It was quick and delicious.

Manisha's Lime and Green Chilli Pickle - it was a big hit among friends and family. Everyone wants the recipe and I know I am making a bigger batch next year.

Gini's Fried Green Tomatoes - We got the green tomatoes for a stew, but we made these delicious fried green tomatoes instead :)

Shaheen's Tilapia Curry - This quick and delicious recipe works for weekdays and weekends. Absolutely delicious.

Thank you foodies, I love being a part of this vibrant community!


  1. Manisha's pickle is something I intend to try next year... especially after all the rave reviews everyone has been giving it.

  2. I've tried Manisha's recipe for the pickle: its one of the best pickles i've ever had!

  3. YUM! Great goodies to try!:))
    Happy Diwali to you and Aswin Mandira. Hugs.

  4. hey Mandira!! You did a great job!! i have been trying to post the recipes i tried not not having enough time yaar, your choice looks very tempting!!!

  5. Nice choice of dishes. Gald that everything turned out great.

  6. Those green tomatoes sound great. Summer is gone, I should try the pickle next year for sure.

    The Machcha Besara is pretty good with salmon, isn't it. i made it with salmon later i.e. after the posting

  7. gr8 choice of recipes. i will try them too.

  8. Hi Mandira, wow, you've been so busy in the kitchen! Love all your choices here, and also the peach pancakes and turkish omlette! Did you get your oven fixed? :)

  9. I am not really knowing what is which, but I have known that India has given influence in Indonesian cooking. We, until today, love spices! And what is Manisha? But I certainly know about Diwali. Happy Diwali for you and your family. *Dreaming about wearing sari*

  10. Hi Mandira,
    Happy Diwali to you and your family.


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