February 02, 2008

Snack time -Fruit Yogurt


I like snacking between meals. And feels like I do it more regularly during the wintertime. When the energy level dips, I automatically reach out for that snack. For some time now, I have been trying to make winter snacking healthy, some works, others don't.

But this delicious fruit yogurt has been our snack for the last few weeks. We've thought of making this flavored yogurt for a while now, and actually tried it for the new year menu. We have varied the fruits in the yogurt every time and are yet to complain about the taste.

It's not overly sweet, but each bite is flavorful with the fruits, honey, orange zest and vanilla flavor.


1 can yogurt - I use plain, fat free organic yogurt
1 green apple
1/2 cup grapes
1/2 cup blueberries
1 orange
1/2 cup strawberries
1/4 cup raisins and dried cranberries
1/2 cup chopped nuts - I use a mix of almonds, walnuts and pecan.
3 tbspoons honey
1 tspoon vanilla essence
1 tspoon orange zest
2 tbspoon roasted oats

This is the easy part. Clean and chop all the fruits. Mix honey, vanilla essence and orange zest in the yogurt till it mixes well. Then add all the fruits, nuts and dried fruits. Reserve some nuts, strawberries, and oats for topping.

You can then divide the portions for the week and top it with nuts, oats and fresh fruits.


Here are our snack dabbas (boxes) for the week.


  1. This is totally my type of dessert, natural, fruity and mellow! Yummy!

  2. A typical healthy snack. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  3. This is an absolutely healthy snack. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. yoy make me crave..thanks for sharing this lovely recipe.

  5. Looks delicious and definitely better than unhealthy snacks out there! :)

  6. that is a great snack dubba. Natural and yummy

  7. Wow, looks yum. Loved the idea of adding vanilla essence and orange zest to the yougurt, this way I dont have to buy any flavored yogurt!

  8. that is a great snack, and a healthy dessert... love the idea of pre-portioning for the whole week, I always want to do that with all dishes, but never does :(

  9. Lovely lovely lovely. We usually avoid fruits and milk products, though we do end up having such a combination once in a while. Lovely combination of fruits and healthy as well and a real quick sweet treat.

  10. Such a healthy dessert. Loved it.

  11. sometimes simple things in life are so fulfilling, right! this is just one of those Mandira:)

  12. You are quite organised!
    The snacks look simply delicious.

  13. its just perfect snack..
    moth watering also..
    hugs and smiles

  14. Wow you can give me this snack anytime of the day

  15. What an excellent idea Mandira. Good idea to portion these out as well.

  16. Musical, Mythreyee, Kribha, Lavanya Raj, Uma, Namratha - thanks. It is natural, delicious and so easy to make.

    Thanks ISG

    Red Chillies I buy plain yogurt and then add in the vanilla and orange zest, but you could buy the vanilla yogurt too, I guess.

    Sig thanks! I make the snack boxes to prevent overindulgence. It usually works :)

    Archana, LG, Manasi, Cooker, Jaya, Happy Cook, Laavanya - thanks. This mid day snack keeps me from binging on other less healthier snacks.

  17. Hi Mandira,

    Fruit yogurt is one of my favorite snacks cum dessert . I love eating it for dessert whenever I feel like having something sweet . Uusally I have the store bought ones ...but now that I have this recipe I shall defintely try homemade version


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