May 24, 2008

A-2 Farmer's Market # 2

The weather was perfect today as I walked to the Farmer's Market for quick shopping before meeting my friends for lunch.

a-2 week2

Along with fresh greens ( I got fresh lettuce), I saw a vendor selling black walnuts and couldn't resist buying some. While I was thinking what to do with the walnuts, I saw a man selling Michigan maple syrup and maple butter. I bought some pure Michigan maple syrup and as I was walking back, I got the idea of putting the ingredients together.

How about some walnut pancakes for breakfast?


  1. wow,..waiting for recipe...

  2. Beautiful walnuts!

  3. Mandira, I am enjoying this series very much....the suspense of waiting to see what you find next :)
    Yes, that is a decadent breakfast waiting to happen!

  4. can't wait to see them pancakes being made. Its like being on a treasure hunt wondering what new things the visit brings right? I second Nupur, this series has me hooked too.

  5. I love real maple syrup... It is so unbelievably different than the imitation... I bet the maple butter is good too!

  6. Hi Mandira, I am so homesick seeing that bottle of Michigan maple syrup! And the walnuts look amazing! Loved your other farmer's market post too, with the fresh asparagus. Last year I discovered Michigan is third largest producer of asparagus in the country! Lucky you :) Enjoy the pancakes! :)

  7. That is a great picture, I love the look of whole walnuts, but too lazy to break them open :) Waiting for that delicious pancake recipe...

  8. Thank you all I am also excited what the next trip will bring :)
    I have been reading about the gourmet taste of the black walnuts, though have to agree that they are tough and hard to crack. The taste is also much stronger and intense.
    The advice I got is to soak the nut in hot water for 24 hours before shelling. Will try this out soon.

  9. Maple syrup! YUM! Hope you bought some, I love it with pancakes!:)

  10. oh yes mandira, hw abt posting the recipe for us:)

  11. Joyeeta9:52 PM

    WOW...lovely site. Loved the mouthwatering pictures. I am definitely going to come back for more...

    Thanks for creating such an awesome site...very helpful and educative!

  12. Asha - I did buy some maple syrup and it's delicious.

    Sia - sure, it's coming up soon :)

    joyeeta - thank you and welcome to ahaar. I hope you will keep visiting :)


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