June 24, 2008

Food Travels - Part 1

As promised here are some food pictures from our recent India trip. I don't take camera to restaurants generally, so I had to make a point to remember it specifically. There were times when I missed my camera while eating delicious food. :)

I also picked up some delicious recipes including a dal khichadi and bengali dal with radhuni. But before I get carried away, here's brief description of the of the food photos.

The pictures are in no particular order of the trip.

1. The cocunut water was enjoyed on a hot day at Chamundi temple in Mysore. I had forgotten the clean, mild and refreshing flavor of coconut water.

2. Bikanervala - I was able to indulge my spice cravings during the chat outing one evening. Along with Tokri chat (in later pic), we also had some panipuri and raj kachauri. And their aloo chaat was spicy, tangy, and ooh so yummy.

3. Andaaz-e Lucknow - The mall food was a big surprise. I was expecting a similar fare like US - generic chain food. So when someone suggested going to mall to get some food, I looked at them wondering 'why would I do that'? But I was wrong. There is so much to choose from. The Andaaz -e Lucknow picture is from Pacific Mall in East Delhi. Along with biryani, their chole bature were superb!

4. Cafe Bikaner - is a part of Bikarner House, Rajasthan Tourist department and has a cafe and a sit down restaurant. We all ended up ordering Paneer Tikks Sandwich which was delicious. I am going to try it out with whole wheat. The coffee and tea wasn't that good.

The next part will have bangalore sweet shop, idlis in banana leaves and fish... stay tuned :)

On another note, we received the Yummy Blog Award from Zainab and Meedo, the two sisters who blog at Arabic Bites. Check out their blog for delicious goodies. Thank you, it means a lot!


  1. i am so craving some authentic indian food now! nice pics :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hi,..have been to pacific mall of eats delhi many times,..have lost count too,,my sis stays just opposite to pacific mall,..so whenever we used to feel like eatin bahar ka khana,..we used to got there..i specially likethe food court there,..cause it has all the stalls...of the various regions,..ummfeelin home sick and hungry..

  4. That Bikanerwala looks like the one in Gurgaon... we live about a stone's throw away from there!

    Lovely pics :-)

  5. Lovely , Tokri chaat is making me hungry .Ki chilo ota te , aloo tikki aar doye diye , just guessing .
    Trust me Shopping Malls offer great variety of food these days , Kolkata e City Centre is one such place .Nice Pics mandira.
    hugs and smiles

  6. I love Bikaneri snacks you get here.You got to eat there, lucky girl!:)
    Chaat, I want some now!!:D

  7. Thanks for sharing your photos. I wish I could try that coconut drink. Someday...

  8. mandira,
    its so unfair to tease us like this. these pics should be banned... ;)
    loved coconut and tokri chat pics... drooling...

  9. yum yum!..madira..great ones!..I second sia!

  10. Mouth watering pics!! I agree with Sia and Valli. :)

  11. Can't wait to see part 2!

  12. Glorious. Especially the tokri chat!

  13. You're welcome.
    we glad to pass it along to you,you really deserve it.
    you have another award waiting ;)

    zainab & meedo.

  14. thats good... You had been to Mysore :)

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