June 22, 2008

No Bake Mango Pie


isn't complete without mangoes. So when the first mangoes came in the market last month, I picked up a couple and tried this dessert for the first time. Since then, I have already made it a few times, and served it to friends with great success. The combination of cheese, mango and sugar make this dessert heavenly.

Best of all this is a no bake, chilled dessert. It's best if you make it in advance as it needs to chill to get the right consistency. This works as a great dessert after a spicy meal. Enjoy.

1/2 pint heavy cream
1 cup confection's sugar
8 oz. marcarpone cheese - softened
1/2 large can mango pulp (I found it at an Indian store)
1 tspoon vanilla extract
1 graham cracker crusts (I used a readymade chocolate crust from store)
2 small mangoes

Cut one mango in small chunks to be used in the pie mix. Keep the other mango for layering the pie.

Mix the heavy cream with half of the sugar till you get whipping cream. Now mix this with the mascarpone cheese and sugar. Fold it together till it blends well.

Now add half can of the mango pulp, little at a time to the mix and fold it together.

Blend well until the entire pulp is incorporated. Add the vanilla essence and mix the small mango pieces into the mix.

Pour mixture into the graham cracker crust. Cut the other mango into thin, long slices and put it on top of the pie.

Put it in the refrigerator overnight.


The first time I I didn't have enough time, so I put it in the freezer for 3-4 hours to set it and took it out 25-30 min before I had to serve and put it in the fridge.

The first picture is my entry for Click:Yelow for Bri hosted by Bee and Jai at Jugalbandi and the Mango Pie is going to Monthly Mingle 23- Mango Mania hosted by Meeta at What's for Lunch, Honey?


  1. wow! a no bake pie, the answer to my no-oven situation :) the color is so lovely..

  2. The no bake in the title got my attention too, since my oven has been broken for months now... Great recipe Mandira!

  3. Mandira, mango and mascarpone cheese has already got me drooling :-P Lovely pie :-)

  4. The pie looks rich and delicious! It might taste something like mango cheesecake I guess. This recipe is very tempting. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. They looks so good.
    And no baking that is my kinda cooking :-)

  6. No bake? I am there! YUMMY recipe, looks delicious! I made Mango Jello, just chilled!:))

  7. Pie looks great. That is the right kind of pie for the hot summer. I dread having to crank up the oven. Let me get some mascarpone cheese, just read in Richa's blog that it is a health food ;)

  8. wow - thats a great recipe! :-) Thanks!

  9. beautiful click and delicious pie.

  10. Beautiful mango pie, Mandira! Love the fact that it's no bake, too! :)

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  12. so perfect. no bake pie. A lovely recipe which can come handy any time. BTW, I am hosting a ONE DISH MEAL EVENT, would love for you to participate. The details for the event are in my website.

  13. Yum! Mangoes, no baking, graham crackers, mascarpone ... can I just come over? :)

  14. What a sweet entry, in every sense of the word :D. I'm excited to come across a no-bake pie, especially considering how hot it's been here in Austin lately :D! Great recipe :).

  15. Looks wonderful! Like a mango tart. I will definitely try this soon.

  16. My jaws dropped after viewing the final image! This is a must try recipe for a mango-aficionado like me! thanks a lot for this recipe!

  17. Nags, Sig, Happy Cook, Asha, Arundathi, Uma, Kalai - thanks. This is definitely a no bake, easy to make pie. This was a discovery and I've made it several times since then!

    Sunita, Roma - the mascarpone cheese, mango and sugar, it's a delicious combination. And the whipped cream gives it delicious lightness.

    Thanks ISG - I agree, I had no idea that this pie also has health benefits. I need to make it more often ;)

    Archana- Thanks and good luck with the event. I will certainly try and participate.

    Cheryl Thanks for writing. I've e-mailed you my id and I look forward to hearing from you. It is also in my profile information.

    Kaykat - thanks, you can come over any time :)

    Sophie, Mallika - thanks. this turned out really well. Do try and let me know how it turns out.

    A&N - thanks :) that was my reaction the first time I made it. How come I haven't tried it before?

  18. Oh wow! This looks super delicious. I love the fact that is is a no bake cake. Perfect!


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