June 30, 2008

Summer Green Salad with Asparagus

asparagus salad1

Even though the weather doesn't feel like summer, the summer food is out in a big way especially the grilling and roasting. It's on Food Network and if you walk around your neighborhood, especially on weekend, you can smell the aroma wafting in from different houses.

So keeping with the summer I made my own Green Summer Salad with roasted asparagus, cucumber, avocado, red onions, and baby romaine. I've made it before for friends visiting Ann Arbor and it's turned out well each time.

This time I made the marinade for asparagus using tamarind and brown sugar and it was out of this world. The tanginess and the sweetness of the asparagus really sparked the salad. And you can see the glaze of the marinade in the picture above :)

Ingredients: (serves 4-6 people)
1 lb asparagus
For asparagus marinade:
1/2 tspoon tamarind paste (this is concentrated paste from Indian store)
3/4 tspoon brown sugar
1 tspoon olive oil
Salt and fresh ground black pepper for taste

1 box baby romaine (you can also use baby spinach or your choice salad leaves)
1 cucumber
1 1/2 avocado
1 small red onion

Salad dressing
1/2 tspoon lemon juice
1/2 tspoon sugar
2 tbspoon olive oil
1 tbspoon orange juice
salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

For Asparagus:
Mix the asparagus marinade to a smooth paste and mix it well with the asparagus. Let it marinade for an hour. In the meantime pre-heat the oven to 350deg C. Roast the asparagus for 9-11 min till they are done.

Assembling the salad:
Mix the salad greens with chopped cucumber, red onions and avocado. Avocado should be cut last, just before serving.

Cut the asparagus into bit site pieces and add it to the salad.

asparagus salad2

Mix the salad dressing and drizzle it on the salad before serving. I like to keep it in a separate bowl and let guests serve as per their need.

This salad is head to Sig at Live to Eat where she is hosting JFI:Tamarind. Thanks for hosting Sig!


  1. Beautiful photos Mandira! Great entry, tamarind dressing sounds yummy!:)

  2. I am making this tonight! Yum.

  3. I used tamarind dressing on my lentil salad too! your summer salad looks lovely and healthy Mandira!:)

  4. salad looks very delicious and healthy Mandira..& nice photo

  5. Tamarind sauce for Asparagus.... that is very creative Mandira, I'd have never thought of that. The salad looks great, beautiful pics, glaze looks absolutely delicious.. Thanks for the entry!

  6. That glaze is just phenomenal!! Love the idea of using tamarind with asparagus. Nice entry! :)

  7. You've made me weak at the knees for those plump, crunchy, fresh asparagus.

  8. The tamarind is such a lovely twist! The photos are making me hungry again... I'd add some shaving of fresh Parmesan too.

  9. sounds tasty with tamarind in salad :). nice post.

  10. what a great marinade!!! we use pomegranate molasses, which is not unlike tamarind plus brown sugar in flavour.

  11. Looks really fresh! I'm sure the asparagus must add a "crunch" to the whole salad!

    And yes, I graduated from Ann Arbor. Any Wolverines here? :)

  12. the asparagus looks really succulent. nice idea for the marinade.

  13. Oh wow, that marinade sounds so good... What a great idea :)

  14. Really tasty. Asparagus is always a favorite.

  15. whenever i am tempted to pick up asparagus, i end up thinking its too bland or i dont have a proper recipe. TH doesn't enjoy salads so.. but the tamarind dressing definitely seems tasty!

  16. Beautifual click Mandira.. nice entery the dressing sounds intresting

  17. Tamarind and asparagus, that's lovely!

  18. That tamarind-based dressing for the asparagus sounds really sweet and savory! Yum!

    I love the smell of grilled food floating in the warm summer air! I wish I could buy that fragrance in a candle ;)!

  19. I have been missing a few posts here! I know shame on me! I really love asparagus and the green ones are the best because they need so liittle work. Salads like these are perfect!


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