July 05, 2008

A-2 Farmer's Market #4

After using the last of the strawberries from Farmer's Market, I was ready for my next trip. The weather was great and the market was bustling with people and shoppers. There was a lot too choose from the vegetables, flowers and plants along with fresh-baked goodies.

AA Farmer's Market #4

I was enthused by the energy of the shoppers and the variety of fresh goodies on display, and decided to take full advantage of that. I bought some freshly dug potatoes, big bag of beans, bunch of radish (they are so juicy, yes I've already had some), cucumbers, snowpeas (the last of this season, I think), a big bunch of cilantro and garlic. And then I decided to buy some organic, free range eggs. I bought half a dozen and will be making some garden omelet for tomorrow's breakfast!

I also bought two tomato plants - both heirloom varieties - one medium size and one cherry tomato and got into an interesting discussion with the seller on gardening, local food and Barbara Kingsolver's book. I will have the plant pics soon :)


  1. Girl, you are planting tomatoes plants now? They should giving you fruits by now! HeHe! Love to see the plants, they must be big already. Veggies look good. Enjoy!:))

  2. You are having a ball with all the fresh goodies :) The jam seemed so good!

  3. Tomatoes harvested in your own garden are great. I personally don't have any but my neighbors do and they are always sharing their bounties with me!

  4. A decent local farmers market can be a life changing experience! Enjoy... soon you'll be on first name basis with the stall keepers.

  5. Aah this brings back more memories from A-2. Is this market the one close to Zingerman's deli and the Amish grocery store?


  6. Asha - LOL I knew someone was going to say this! The reason for late gardening - I moved to a new apt and now have space for vegetable gardening. Yeah!

    Jyothsna - thanks, I am enjoying this bounty!

    Meeta - I am still waiting for my tomatoes. But I see tons of flowers on the plant :)

    Mallika - I agree, a farmer has been very helpful and has been giving me pointers.

    A - that's the one I go to :) There is another one infront of Zingerman's Roadhouse too!


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