August 12, 2008

Photo-essay - Summer Garden Plot!


We have been traveling almost every weekend with my parents, showing them parts of Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, and Chicago. Last weekend we were in Chicago visiting my sister-in-law's family and I had a chance to visit her garden plot that she has been cultivating for a few years now.


The plot was neatly divided into several subsections and each section was in different stages of flowering, and ripening. The plants were loaded with veggies, the air had the smell of ripe tomatoes, fruits, and flowers from neighboring plots...



The plot was filled with eggplant, cayenne pepper, okra,green pepper, tomato, corn, squash, cabbage, watermelon, muskmelon and much more. I clicked some pictures and wanted to share them here.


We spent some time there looking at each plant, even nooks and corners for ripe tomatoes, okra, eggplant that's ready to be harvested. It was wonderful!


Next post - all about the goodies I made with the bounty I got back home. :)


  1. wow wonder vegetables and sent me some tips as to how you started from the plnats how you take care of it

  2. nic epics,.she lucky to have her own kitchen garden,..thnks for sharin...nd watin for ur nex post,.

  3. oh my..those are so lovely! sure you had a gala time cooking them all..:0)

  4. Healthy garden. Nice pics.

  5. That is such a great bounty :-)

  6. Thank you Everyone I am sure my sister-in-law will be thrilled will all your comments :)


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