August 14, 2008

Pumpkin Chutney


When I taste something new that is delicious, yet simple to prepare, I always wonder how come I've never tried this before! Has it happened to you too? I am sure I can recollect many such incidents, but the latest was when Aswin made this pumpkin chutney.

This is traditionally made with the remnants after making a pumpkin sabzi - the outer layer and the mushy inside along with pumpkin seeds. We didn't have any pumpkins at home, but we did have some acorn and that's what we used for the chutney.

The mild sweetness and the smoothness of the acorn combined with the earthiness of urad makes the base of the dish. But there is a heat that kicks in when you take the first bite and that comes from the red chillies and some peppercorn. This mildly fragrant chutney was a big hit in our weekend lunch. I almost made a meal out of it and so did my dad, mixing it with some hot rice!

1 cup acorn - chopped
all the mushy inside, and the seeds too
2 tbspoon urad dal
2 red chillies
4-5 black peppercorns
2 tbspoon tamarind extract
1 tspoon oil
salt to taste

Microwave the acorn for 4-5 minutes till they turn soft. You can also do it on stove top.

In a pan with 1 tspoon oil, roast urad dal, peppercorns, and red chillies until you get a fragrant smell.

Mix all the ingredients together and grind it to a paste in a food processor or mixer.


Serve warm with rice (usually as a first course).


  1. What a lovely idea - making a chutney using pumpkins. Never thought of that! ;-)

  2. Wow pumkin chutney sounds new. Looks gr8. Happy Independence Day to u dear.

  3. Different easy recipe..

  4. Pumpkin chutney never heard one this before. Must have tasted really good. Lovely yummy recipe.

  5. Hi My first visit to your blog,got here from Indira's food blog list,you have a very nice blog.Loved the idea of pumpkin chutney,never thought of using pumpkin in a chutney.Looks yummy :)

  6. Do you mean the mushy inside and seeds of the pumpkin? Really love this new recipe.

  7. sounds very unique and tasty

  8. Chutney with pumpkin...very unusual. Sounds good.

  9. Acorn Squash Chutney thats a new idea. Looks creamy and I am sure tasty. I always have squash no matter what.

  10. Why not just call it Acorn chutney! The major ingredient adds a completely new dimension to the dish and is absolutely unique!

  11. How cool! I've never used acorns before, this looks like a fun and definitely aromatic recipe :). Yum I bet this would make anything taste fantastic, I especially like the pumpkin :).

  12. Meeta, Kitchen Flavor, Divya, Shriya, Usha, Delhibelle - thanks. It was new to me too, but was so delicious I had to share it with you all.

    Mallika - Yeah, the seeds and the mushy inside along with some pumpkin pieces. Try it, it's really delish!

    Pooh - it's traditionally made with pumpkin. So I left the name as is with my variation in the post. I thought someone would recognize the recipe :)

    Thanks Sophie, ISG , it did taste great. Pumpkin adds the little sweetness to the chutney. Can't wait to use it next!


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