October 04, 2008

A-2 Farmer's Market #7

One of the things I admire about the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market is you can always expect people there, no matter what the weather looks like. We went once when it was pouring expecting to be one of the few people there, but it was packed. And today morning when the temperature was in upper 30s, I thought the same thing, but I was wrong. The vendors and buyers were out in full force with their vegetables, meats, maple syrup, flowers, jewelery and so much more .

While writing this series, I have really enjoyed watching the changes in the vendors' wares. The summer squashes are slowly going out and winter squashes are coming in. As cauliflowers are coming in, okra is diminishing. Eating with the season has been a lot of fun. And I can't wait to see what I will find next.


This week I found fresh beetroot and radishes along with tomatoes, onions and potatoes. I, then, bought green peppers and wandered to another vendor to buy tender, fresh carrots. And by then found the person I was looking for. One of the vendors grows a lot of Indian vegetables - bottlegourd, bittergourd, white pumpkin etc - and I got a juicy and soft bottlegourd from him. Now I have to plan the menu :)


  1. Can't wait to see the delicious meals you will whip up with this bounty.

  2. those are lovely veggies Mandira, you are lucky to have a farmers market right in your street. I have to trek to get to a farmers market and don't always get to do it. Looking forward to see what you are going to cook up with it.

  3. Are you participating in Maninas's eating with the seasons event? It would be good to feature your seasonal fare!

  4. I have been enjoying these series very much! I love to see what people buy at their Farmer's markets - it's a wonderful place to hang out!

  5. I have not been to the market after the Indian trip, seeing your pice, i am going there this week.
    I am lazy our market is only some 7 to 8 minute walk from our place.

  6. That is a beautiful picture of fresh produce!

  7. What fresh veggies! Just slice them up and toss them with a dash of butter, black pepper and lemon ... with their crunchiness intact. :-)
    Sorry ... just could not resist ... they look so tempting. :-)
    Sharod shubheccha to you and your family too .. and Subho Bijoya in advance. :-)
    Bhalo theko.

  8. awesome veggies..looking fwd to some cool recipes..

  9. Hi Mandira, Pooja greetings!

  10. Thank you as we head into the winter, I head to Farmer's Market with renewed vigor. I am really enjoying writing this series and eating all the delicious goodies too!

    Mallika - thanks, that's a great idea. I will check it out.


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