October 19, 2008

Banana, Pear & Raspberry Smoothie for a lazy weekend!


What do you do for weekend breakfast when you linger in bed a little longer knowing fully well that there is a growing list of chores for every extra few minutes. This was the decision I had to make when I switched the snooze for the second time. Aswin was away, it was cold and I couldn't resist savoring the warm bed for extra few minutes, ok, for an extra hour.

Once we were up and starting with the cleaning and shopping for the week, I quickly made a delicious smoothie with pear, banana that was on the verge of becoming overripe, and fresh, ooh so delicious raspberries that I picked up from the farmer's market yesterday. It was filling and light just right for the day. And I even saved a glass for Aswin :)

1 1/2 cup milk
2 tbspoon honey
1 banana
1 pear
1/4 cup raspberries (save some for garnish)

This is the easy part. Put everything in the blender till it becomes smooth. Pour in glass and garnish with fresh raspberries.




  1. Never had a smoothie with pears, and with all these different fruits it had to be yumm.
    Lazy weekend, oh i love them.

  2. Hey Mandira nice combo of fruit that glass looks tempting and filling..

  3. That is a perfect start to the weekend :)

  4. that looks totally refreshing

  5. Mandira,
    weekends are the most relaxing and enjoyable day of the week, no hurry to get up early and prepare my little one for school and then hubby dear to office.I just loved to be pampered a little bit, being lazy is absolutely no sin LOL..
    smoothie looks so good and healthy, can add some cashew and almond powder for extra bit of nutrients ..
    Belated Shobho Bijoya
    hugs and smiles

  6. That smoothie just made me thirsty.:-) It looks so good.

  7. so many fruits in a smoothie:-) really healthy and refreshing!

  8. Perfect n quick breakfast..

  9. Smoothie looks very refreshing and healthy...

  10. Thank you all I loved this smoothie combination. It had mild sweetness and lot of flavor from the fruits. It was quite filling too and this weekend combo helped me catch those extra few minutes in bed :)

  11. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I just made the same exact smoothie, just experimenting, and i added spinach to it and it is absolutely delicious :)


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