October 08, 2008

Celebrating Bijoya with Healthy Halwa!

While browsing, I came across this wonderful short animation film which captures the activities and spirit of Durga Puja. Enjoy!

Durga Puja is a special time for me no matter where I am. There is the nip in the air, colors, energy, excitement, time to be with friends and family. Even though I am not there to go to the puja pandal all five days, offer anjali, eat bhog, watch cultural programs and hang out with friends and family, I do try to go to the pujo wherever I am. This year it is doubly special because my mother and mother-in-law are here.


No Pujo is complete without something sweet. And for this Bijoya, we have something completely new and different. The halwa is made with moong dal, potatoes and bread. It's healthy, and more than that, tastes great. It's almost like what makes pujo special. All the seperate ingredients come together to make it wholesome and memorable. :)

There is one tablespoon of ghee for flavoring and by the time it is mixed completely and garnished with roasted nuts and raisins it tastes and smells absolutely fabulous.

Here is how we made it.

5 Bread Pieces
1 cup Mashed Potatoes
1 cup boiled and mashed Moong Dal
1 1/2 cup milk
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 tbspoon ghee (clarified butter)
1/4 cup roasted almonds, raisins

Boil the milk and keep it aside. When it's lukewarm, soak the bread in it. Then add mashed potatoes, boiled dal and sugar and mix it together.

Heat 1 tbspoon ghee in a thick bottomed pan and then add the mixture in it and stir it together on low heat till the halwa starts leaving the sides of the pan. It takes a good amount of stirring to mix it all together.

Heat the rest of the ghee in a small pan and roast the almonds and raisins and garnish over the halwa.


It tastes best when served warm.

Shubho Bijoya to fellow bloggers, family and friends.

This Healthy Halwa is going to JFI:Festival Treats hosted by Srivalli at Cooking 4 All Seasons. JFI was started by Indira at Mahanandi.


  1. Mandira, Festival greetings to you and your family...isnt it great to have full family with you on such festival times? :) have lots of fun....

  2. Mandira, shubho bijoya to you and your family too.The halwa looks fab :-)

  3. That should be a tasty halwa! Looks Lovely !:)

  4. Happy Durga Pooja to you dear Mandira. That is a tasty Halwa and you say it is healthy so even better.

  5. Happy Dassera to u and ur family.Halwa looks great.. different one.

  6. Thats quite innovative....the halwa looks delicious...Happy Durga Puja to you and your family

  7. Happy dassera to you whoel fammily.
    Mom and MIL with you.
    Well I am sure you are going to ne spoiled with all the delicious food both if them are going to prepare.
    I am jealous, even though i cool delicious dishes, i still think my moms dishe are the best even they are realy simple to make.
    I am a sweet lover so i am sure i will love this halwa

  8. Wish you & your family Happy Dusshera too Mandira...halwa looking yummy...gud one for the event

  9. Happy Dusheera to U and Ur family Mandira...Halwa sounds creative and very very tasty and yummy.Thx for sharing..

  10. potato in halwa is realy new to me ...how will taste?

  11. wow, what a lovely combo for halwa. Looks so good. Happy Durga puja.

  12. A Very Happy Dusshera to you and Your Family Mandira.

    Halwa looking yummy delicious :). bookmarked it, will try soon.

  13. Wish you a Happy Dassera! halwa looks great!

  14. Happy Dusshera..Nice recipe..

  15. Yummy, great dessert!

  16. Anonymous1:04 AM

    subho bijoya! nice recipe!

  17. Shubho Bijoya Mandira!Adding potatoes in moong dal halwa is new for me .. will try it. :-)
    Lucky you, ma aar sasuri maaer haater ranna kheye pujo katachho :-)

  18. youtube er clip ta oshadharon!

  19. That's an unusual halwa. Sounds most interesting.
    Seasons' greetings.

  20. hi, lovely halwa:-)

  21. Thats really a lovely halwa..and its quite differnent also from others :)

  22. Thats really a lovely halwa..and its quite differnent also from others :)

  23. Wow halwa looks awesome.

  24. Loved the animation and halwa looks divine too. Shubho Bijoya (a little late). My sis and I turned up for festivities on Doshomi after bhashan! Doh!

  25. Anonymous10:55 AM

    This halwa looks mouth wateringly good.
    Couldn't resist giving you an award for one of the coolest blogs I know.
    Visit my blog for details.

  26. Thank you everyone. It is a delicious halwa and we are thinking of making it again for Diwali :)

  27. Thats such a lovely halwa mandira..thanks for the entry!


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