October 14, 2008

Vegetable Biryani


After the puja, we are still in the celebratory mood. And decided to make something special to go with it :) You can say this will continue till Diwali when family gatherings are highlighted with food, sweets, and games especially Wii. We have been honing our skills to play with our niece and nephews who says we are beginners. But we are improving :) Aswin says I am a mean bowler now, while I have a difficult time defeating him in tennis.

A few months ago, when our friends were visiting, we went bowling, actual bowling. Let me say I prefer Wii bowling anyday!

Before I digress further, we made vegetable biryani recently. It is my mother's recipe that she got from one of our close family friends. She prepares this special water by boiling fennel seeds, garlic cloves and coriander seeds together and then boils the rice in this water. It gives such a aromatic flavor to the biryani. It's unlike what I have tasted int he restaurants.

2 cup rice
1 cup vegetables - we used, carrots, beans, peas mixture
1 tspoon cumin seeds
1 black cardamom
2-3 green cardamom
1' cinnamon roll
6-10 black pepper seeds
2-3 cloves
2-3 bayleaves
1/4 tspoon turmeric water
1 small onion - chopped in thin slices
5 cups water
3-4 cloves garlic
2 tbspoon fennel seeds
2 tbspoon coriander seeds
1 tbspoon oil
salt to taste

Boil the water with salt, garlic, coriander seeds and fennel seeds for 10-12 minutes or till it mixes and concentrates down to 4 1/2 cups.

Take the garlic cloves out and strain the water. Keep it separate.

In a thick bottomed pan, heat oil and temper it with cumin seeds and bayleaves. Then add green and black cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and saute for a couple of minutes. Then add the onion and saute it till it starts turning translucent. Then add the rice and mix it together and let it cook for another couple of minutes.

Then add the vegetables and turmeric powder. Mix it together. After that, add the specially prepared water (ratio is 2 cups water to 1 cup rice) and salt and let it cook on medium heat on closed lid till all the water evaporates and the rice is cooked. For me it takes about 18-20 minutes.

Take it off the heat and mix the biryani.


Serve warm with raita and pickle. We enjoyed ours with tomato, green chile and onion raita.


  1. Good to know the tips of boiling spices in the water, delicious looking Biriyani.

  2. I am sure it gave a special taste with the water boiled with all these spices.
    I will do the same when i make vegetable rice. Will have to wait till when my daughter is nnot home as she hates vegetables, except carrit and peas in rice.
    So this will have to wait till when she is not home.

  3. The Biryani looks awesome. I will try this method while making Veg. Biryani next time. Did you discard the garlic?

  4. Sounds very aromatic method to prepare biryani :) Looks delicious!

  5. I just love this with raita..

  6. Looks comforting and delicious

  7. biryani looks delecioussss

  8. Looks delicious - I expected dahi in the ingredients but there is none, which means I could makes this one and eat it too!

  9. Delious loking biryani Mandira

  10. That is indeed a good tip .. boiling garlic in the water and using the same .. great looking biryani ... and what a snap too!

  11. delicious biryani :) yummmmy. we call it as tehri in noth india. good one.

  12. I am feeling the same. But it's so bad for my already expanding waistline...

  13. That looks so warm & inviting .. wish i had a plateful right now :)

  14. Thank you all my mom is so thrilled with all your comments. I will soon post the chicken biryani that she just made :)

  15. The flavored water technique sounds very interesting! Will have to try that out.

    I usually add equal parts water and coconut milk when I make biryani. Comes out all fluffy, unctuous and yummy!

  16. That plate is making me hungry!!!

  17. Girl with Green Scarf12:21 AM

    Came out very well . Thanks a lot :-)


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